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Collection of Renée Batson, 10-20-05

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     If you search for "Tod Shriver", using the Google search engine, (10-21-05), you will find about 25 links. Among the most interesting are the following.
Reims Racer
     You will find two very interesting photographs of Tod as mechanic for Glenn Curtiss at the Rheims Race on this page. You will probably want to use your FIND function on "Shriver" to locate the photos on the page. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I am sure you will enjoy many of the other features on this monumental website. It is dedicated to Glenn Curtiss, offers an impressive collection of photographs and has been assembled by Jack Carpenter.

Capt. Tom Baldwin's Red Devil
     This page on the Smithsonian Institutes's website deals primarily with the Red Devil, but it does report that Tod joined J. C. "Bud" Mars in an exhibition team which toured the Pacific. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

     San Juan, Porto Rico, December 3--Tod Shriver, a well-known American aviator, was killed last evening in an exhibition flight which he was making at Ponce. Shriver fell from a height of 200 feet into a cane field, and died within half an hour while on the way to the hospital. Thousands of spectators witnessed the accident. Shriver ascended over Ponce in a Baldwin aeroplane and went through a number of evolutions. Apparently he lost control of the machine in making a turn. The aeroplane swooped to the earth and landed with a crash. Shriver being half buried in the wreckage.
     The sad news reached his sisters here Sunday afternoon who were almost distaracted with grief. Tod Corwin Shriver was born in Manchester, in 1873, and after receiving his schooling here entered this office and learned the art of printing under J. A. Perry and was foreman of the same when the present editor entered, then a kid, in 1895. He is the son of the late Capt. D. R. Shriver and is well known by many of our citizens. Since the invention of the aeroplane in 1906-'07, he has been with Glenn Curtiss, the great sky pilot, but the last two years has been associated with Capt. Thos. Baldwin. Last year he toured the Old Country, Australia, China and Japan with success. He was home in September of this year, having stopped off to pay his sisters a visit after having made several flights at the Stpingfield, O., fair. He has been married two years and has resided the last six years in New York City. The body will be shipped to Manchester for burial but owing to the distance will not reach here for several days yet. The family have the symnpathy of all in their loss.
from an Unidentified Newsclipping
Collection of Mary Castro, 2-20-04

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