- 1942

AKA Sardar Manmohan Singh

Mohan Singh - 1912
from Jack Carpenter's web site about Glenn Curtiss

  Curtiss Flying School, Class of 1912:  1. Floyd E. Barlow  2. John G. Kaminski  3. Smith
4. W.A. Davis  5. Roy B. Russell  6. Mohan M. Singh  7. John Lansing Callan  8. Julia Clark
9. M. Dunlap  10. Kono Takeshi                                Curtiss Museum Photo, Callan Collection

     If you search for Mohan Singh +aviation using Google, (3-22-05), you will find about 455 links! Among the most useful are the following.
Sardar Manmohan Singh
     This page on the History of the Sikhs website offers a very comprehensive history of Man Mohan Sikh. It offers a fascinating revue of the early developement of aviation in India as well. You can access the page by clicking on the title above..
The Journal of San Diego History
     This webpage offers 39 wonderful photographs, with accompanying text, including two of Mohan M. Singh. They are used to illustrate an article which deserves to be read by all aviation buffs. You can go directly to the page of photographs by clicking on the title above.
     The article is found on the San Diego Historical Society website in their Journal of San Diego History, Winter 1979, Volume 25, No. 1 and is entitled:
The Only Safe and Sane Method...
The Curtiss School of Aviation

By Gary F. Kurutz
     This is a really remarkable article which tells the story of the Curtiss School of Aviation on North Island in the early 1900's. Mr. Kurutz has written a comprehensive and fascinating story of the activities on the island, which is near San Diego, CA. You can access that page by clicking on the title just above.
     I found the article to be especially interesting inasmuch as my father-in-law, Walter E. Lees, graduated from the school and included many photographs and recollections of his time there in his collection of memorabilia. If you are interested, I invite you to visit his website by clicking on his name.

       "At the outbreak of World War II in 1939, Man Mohan Singh joined the Indian Air Force Vounteer Reserve as a pilot officer. He was selected leader of an Indian Air Force batch of of Fliers sent to England for training and active duty. He was later promoted flying officer and deputed for operations in the Philippines and Indonesia and given the command of a Catalina aircraft. Man Mohan Singh was killed in action in West Australia on 3 March 1942."
Quotation from the e History of the Sikhs website.

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