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Two Aeroplanes Were Smashed by a Treacherous Wind,
the Accident Being Peculiar in that One Crashed Upon the Other

Daily Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: July 2, 1910,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 9-4-03
      Oakland, Calif., July 1. - "A peculiar aeroplane accident in which one machine fell on top of the other occurred late here this afternoon, one aviator escaping unhurt, but the other sustaining a broken rib.
      Clifford O'Brien, in a Farman biplane, had successfully circled the Emeryville track several times, when a sudden gust of wind caught him as he passed the grandstand. His aeroplane turned over and crashed to the ground, a distance of 100 feet. As he extracted himself from the wreck, he saw the Curtiss machine of Samuel H. Smith swooping down upon him. O'Brien barely had time to jump as the Smith aeroplane caught in the same treacherous puff of wind, crashed down upon the Farman machine. Both aeroplanes were totally wrecked. When Smith was dragged out it was found that one of his ribs was broken and that he was badly hurt."
Bob Davis

The dates of his birth and death are unknown

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