Primo Giro Aereo d'Italia
Winifred Spooner
The First Aerial Tour of Italy - August 1930
Photo & Legend courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 1-17-106.

Spooner's Moth
Moth G-AALK di miss Spooner-Di Robillant, N° di gara 38, 4° assoluto e 1°
equipaggio femminile - Archivio Polidori
Moth G-AALK of miss Spooner-Of Robillant, N° of contest 38, 4° absolute and
1° feminine crew - the Polidori Archives

Photo from the 1° Giro Aereo d'Italia, 1930 page
of the Grupo Amici Velivoli Storici website.

     You can see the full size image by clicking on the link. You will find many beautiful photographs of the planes which participated in the contest on this website.

From The Great Encyclopedia of Aeronautics of Luigi Mancini, Milan, 1934
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 12-10-05
Brevettatasi pilota aviazione presso il London Aeroplane Club nel 1926 e pilota commerciale nel 1927: Si rivelò subito nel 1928 partecipando alla "King's Cup Race" nella quale si classificò terza.
Nel 1930 si classificò quarta nel Primo Giro Aereo d'Italia.
From The Great Encyclopedia of Aeronautics of Luigi Mancini, Milan, 1934
Translation courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 12-10-05
     Winifred earned her pilot's license at the London Aeroplane Club in 1926 and her commercial pilot's license in 1927. She revealed her prowess at once by participating in the "King's Cup Race" in 1928, in which she won third place.
     In the 1930, she won fourth place in the Primo Giro Aereo d'Italia.

I' GIRO AEREO D'ITALIA - 1930 - km 3460
La classifica generale finale
For the complete list of participants, click on:

     If you search for "Primo Giro Aereo d'Italia" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (1-16-06), you will find about 236 links. Among the most helpful are the following.
1° Giro Aereo d'Italia, 1930
      This website of the Grupo Amici Velivoli Storici, (Friends of Historical Aircraft Group), offers a number of beautiful photographs of some of the planes which took part in the contest, including that of Winifred Spooner. The website is written in Italian, but an English version is available from the homepage, which can be accessed by clicking on the link immediately above.
      To reach the page from which the thumbnail photo at the top of this page was obtained, you can click on the main title above.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage and take advantage of the many resources which are available.

Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano
Italian National Olympic Committee
      This page offers a brief history of the AeCi and includes a brief mention of the Giro Aero d'Italia in 1930. It is written in Italian, which you can access by clicking on the title above.
      You can access a translated version into English by clicking on:
English Version

Il Giro Aereo d'Italia fra cronaca e storia; 1930 - 1984
The Winged Caravan
The Aerial Tour of Italy between news and history ; 1930 - 1984

Carlo A . Ferandini- Manlio Andreani

Product Details
Publisher: Giorgio Apostolo Editore- Milan.
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 1-16-06
      There are several photos of Ms. Spooner in this book. I will have more information for you in the near future.

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