Charles Edward Stacy
Charles Edward Stacy
Collection of Gary Wysong,
via email from Gary Wysong, 10-30-07
Dear Ralph,
     Thank you for including a minor aviation pioneer in your list of early aviators.

Charles Edward Stacy, 7 Mar 1873 to 1926, born in Ohio. I do not know his date or place of death, he is not interred next to his widow, "Ethel".

The following quote is from an article from the Monday, Nov 1, 1926 Time Magazine: "At Long Beach, Calif., the wife of Trombonist Charles E. Stacy listened at her radio box while far away he broadcast his best trombone solo, 'The Sweetest Story Ever Told'. The notes were like a lover's last lingering, farewell caress. That is what they were, for he died on the way home, of heart failure".

Charles was a trombonist, and was a career musician. In 1916 he wrote and published a trombone warm-up exercise, "Stacy's Successful Studies I, II and III, which are still used by professional musicians today. It seems his aviation and inventing were sidelines or hobbies for him.

Wife: Jennie Ethel Stacy, 16 Apr 1877 to 18 Jul 1959
Daughter: Mildred Stacy, 2 Sep 1896 to 16 Jun 1988
Daughter: Corinne Stacy, 19 Jul 1899 to 24 Nov 1980

1880 U.S. Federal Census, Residence: 156 Third St., Portsmouth, Scioto, OH
1910 U.S. Federal Census, Residence: 822 West Sixth St., Dayton, OH.
1920 U.S. Federal Census, Residence: 664 Fleetfoot Ave., Harrison Township, Montgomery, OH.
1925 City Directory from Long Beach, CA, Residence: 50 Neptune Place, Occupation: Musician with Long Beach Municipal Band.

There is a family legend that he invented someting to do with the stick control for airplanes. His widow, Ethel, received royalty checks for many years. I checked the U.S. Patent Office website, and can find no patent record for him. He also invented an automatic chicken feeder and some kind of fluorescent paint, much like what is used on roads today.

The 1917 draft card for Luther C. Wysong, my grandfather, shows his employer as the C.E. Stacy, Co., and his occupation as "Fix Experimental Aerplanes".
Best Regards, Gary Wysong

via email from Gary Wysong, 10-28-05
Dear Ralph,
     Attached is a New York Times article describing flights of my great-grandfather, Charles E. Stacy, in an ornithopter in 1911 in the Dayton, Ohio area.
     Another link to him in aviation is the 1917 draft card of my grandfather, Luther Wysong, in Dayton, Ohio. Luther lists his employer (father-in-law) as Charles Stacy and the Charles Stacy Aerplane Company.
     Please add the name of Charles E. Stacy to your list of early aviation pioneers.
Thank you,
Gary Wysong
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