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Lili Steinschneider
Lili Steinschneider
Collection of Dave Lam, 2-20-05

Lilly Steinschneider

Lilly Steinschneider (1891-1975 Geneva or 1977 Nizza (Nice). But NOT (1891-1989)
n.b. Most sources give the earlier years of death but one (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) has inadvertently given her the year of death of her husband's second wife Ursula who died in Berlin in 1989*
The first Hungarian woman pilot. In 1912 she received the No.4 pilot certificate.

Lilly Steinschneider
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PETER ROHEL, fellow family researcher shows some ties on his website
Pollaczek Family Genealogy

Grand Father:      Jacob (Jakab) Steinschneider (born about 1833 - buried 8/22/1909) NFP
Death notice listing entire family in Austrian Freie Presse newspaper dated 22 Aug 1909.
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Grand Mother:     Rosa Perl (born about 1834 - died 5/15/1902 Budapest) NFP
Death notice listing entire family in Austrian Freie Presse newspaper dated 16 May 1902.
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek

Father                    Berthold STEINSCHNEIDER
Mother                   Irma WOHL Born: 1870, Died: Oct 13, 1935 in Vienna
                                Irma buried with her parents, Vienna no 1 cemetery Ref 6 17a grave 2
Uncle and Aunt:     Gyula (=Julius) Steinschneider (changed to Palgyi)
                                1861-1939 Einschneider Budapest,
                                & Irma (see Pollaczek family) 1869-1940
Brother                   Hugo STEINSCHNEIDER
Sister                      Margit STEINSCHNEIDER

     Ilka "Lilly" Helene STEINSCHNEIDER-WENCKHEIM Born: Jan 13, 1891 Budapest,
     Married: Jul 27, 1915 in Vienna, Divorced abt 1960. First Hungarian woman Pilot.
     Died Mar 28, 1975 in Genf (Geneva) or 1977 in Nice.

Husband;     Johannes Evangelist Virgilio COUDENHOVE-KALERGI von RONSPERGHEIM
                      Born: Sep 15, 1893 in Tokyo, Japan. Died: Jan 29, 1965 in Regensburg, Germany.

Child           Maria-Electa Thekla Elisabeth Christine Helene Sophie Coudenhove-Kalergi von Ronspergheim *born 22.06.1927 married Raymond Witham Daum

*2nd wife of husband Johannes: Ursula GROSH Born: Sep 14, 1909 in Berlin, Germany.

Died: Apr 28, 1989

Translated from the Hungarian
by Szidonia Haragos, 12-10-06

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