AKA Alois Stiploschek
Alois Stiplosek
Alois Stiploschek
Photo & text from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-29-06
via email from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-27-06
Dear Mister Cooper,
Concerns: Alois Stiplosek
     By searching on the internet information about my grandfather, Alois Stiplosek, I found your website, which is very interesting and a treasure of information. I think I have some information and old photographs which could be of interest concerning my grandfather.
     Alois Stiplosek was born the 3rd of April 1872 in Rasgor, a village near Maribor, in Slovenia. At that time Slovenia was part of the Austrian Empire.
Alois Stiploschek
Alois Stiploschek
A. Vanderstuyft geführt von Stiploschek
"The man on the motorcycle is indeed my grandfather.
He never raced in the US, Vanderstuyft to the contrary did."

Photo & text from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-29-06
  He started his professional career as a pacer on big motors and was very successful with amongst others Paul Guignard and Arthur Vanderstuyft (Jan Olieslagers, who was a friend of Alois Stiplosek, was also a pacer). Alois Stiplosek married in 1904 my grandmother, Jeanne De Swaef, and the couple lived in Berlin (Johannisthal). He germanised his name to Alois Stiploschek.  
Alois Stiploschek
Nos Amateur M. Stiploschek
Modern Photo Pau Stampes
"I think this photo must have been taken
when A.S. obtained his licence at the Blériot school in Pau."

Photo & text from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-29-06
       In 1911 Alois Stiplosek went to the Blériot pilot school in Pau. His international flying licence nr 591 dated September the 8th 1911 was issued by the "Fédération Aéronautique Internationale - France". He participated at lots of air shows and competitions, mainly in Germany and Austria. At that time he flew a Jeannin "Stahltaube".  
Alois Stiploschek
"This plane could be a Stahltaube ("the steel dove"), but I am not sure.."
Photo & text from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-29-06

Alois Stiploschek
Allois Stiploschek - WW I
"This foto was taken during WW I at OEFFAG
and the plane looks very much like the famous Albatros,
which was build there under licence."

Photo & text from Jean Pierre Van Briel, 6-29-06
       During WWI Alois Stiplosek was enlisted as an officer (“Feldflieger”) in the Austrian army. He was testing prototypes build at the “Österreichischen Flugzeugfabrik A.G. Wiener Neustadt” (OEFFAG). He survived a few spectacular accidents.
     After the Versailles Treaty of 1919 and as he opted for the Yugoslavian nationality, Alois Stiplosek was forced to leave Austria. He followed his wife and daughter (my mother) to Belgium and resumed his former profession as a pacer. This was the end of his flying career.
     He died in Antwerp the 13th of August 1956.
     In case you would have some more information about my grandfather, I would be very grateful if you would keep me informed. I enclose herewith some photographs.
Sincerely yours,
Jean Pierre Van Briel

     If you search for "Alois Stiploschek", using the Google search engine, (6-29-06), you will find one very valuable link..
  3000 Mark für den Sieg
Schon 1913 begeisterte ein Fliegerwettbewerb
     This webpage, in German, can be found on the SVZ online website. If you read German, you will understand the following excerpt:

"Der Lübecker Verein für Luftfahrt e.V., der Mecklenburgische Aero-Klub Schwerin, der Grossherzoglich Mecklenburgische Automobilklub Schwerin veranstalteten unter Mitwirkung der Mecklenburgischen Flugplatzgesellschaft Görries, Schwerin m.b.H. einen Rundflug Lübeck-Mecklenburg-Lübeck vom 21.-23. Juni 1913."

     You can read the whole story of the competition, in which Alois Stiploschek participated, by clicking on the title above.
     For those of us who don't read German, I have made available a machine-translation of the excerpt.

3000 Marks for the victory
Already 1913 inspired a flier competition
"The Lübecker association for aviation registered association, the Mecklenburgian aero club Schwerin, the Grossherzoglich Mecklenburgian automobile club Schwerin Görries, Schwerin Ltd. organized a round flight Luebeck Mecklenburg Luebeck of 21 under co-operation of the Mecklenburgian airfield company. - 23 June 1913."

     You can read the whole story of the competition, in which Alois Stiploschek participated, by clicking on the link below.
English Version

Emil Jeannin vor seiner Stahltaube
mit Stiploschek am Steuer
     Jean Pierre Van Briel alerted me to this website which offers a very nice photograph of Emil Jeannin in front of the Stahltaube (Steel dove ) piloted by Alois Stiploschek. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Alois Stiplosek died in Antwerp the 13th of August 1956.
If you have any information on this pioneer aviator
please contact me.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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