George E. Stratemeyer
George E. Stratemeyer
Kelly Field, 1918
Contributed by Chris Burr, 7-9-10
Contributed by Chris Burr, 7-9-10

Lt. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer with 1st Class Black Pilots
Tuskeegee, AL, March, 1942
Library of Congress Archive,
Courtesy of Greg Powers, 7-23-06

George E. Stratemeyer
  FIRST GOOD MEAL IN TWO YEARS---Three Army officers, part of 400 liberated from a Jap prison camp in Rangoon are guests of Maj. Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, Air Commander in the India, Burma theater, at their first real meal in two years. Left to right are Lieut. Col. Douglas G. Gilbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I. Gilbert of 1312 North Quincy St., Arlington; General Stratemeyer, Capt. John H. Hunt of McLeansboro, Ill., and Maj. Charles J. Lutz of Hambleton, W. Va. - May 19, 1945
News Clipping Courtesy of Alisa Jamieson-Mccune,
grandaughter of Major Lutz.
Editor's Note: Alisa is searching for anyone who served with her grandfather, Charles J. Lutz. She would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who can help her in her search. She can be reached via email at:
Alisa Jamieson-Mccune

via email from an airman, 9-7-02
     I met General Stratemeyer at Orlando AFB in the early 1960's. I was a young (18 year old) airman assigned to the base hospital Flight Surgeons/Optometry Clinic. He came in to order some glasses and when I asked him for his service number to place on the DD Form 771 (how's that for a memory) he said Isa - I never can remember that darn thing. "Here, it's on my ID"., looking at the number I saw it was 5A.
      He was a fine gentleman and I am very proud to say I knew him. I truly believe that when he passed on - that was a good reason Orlando AFB ceased to exist shortly thereafter.
      I have another story of him which I would be glad to relay to you if you are interested
      I worked in the Flight Surgeon's / Optometry Clinic - we saw all active duty, retired, and dependents (space available) in our clinic. Orlando AFB was then home to Hq ARS, Hq AAVS, the 1365 Photo Sqd and the 4504 Missile Training Wing among others. Glasses were ordered and shipped from the Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Denver Co. If an AD person needed his spectacles prior to departing PCS only the optometrist could order them POR (Priority on Request).
     Gen Stratemeyer was sitting in the clinic waiting for an appointment one day. A young 2nd Lt who had previously ordered glasses came in and asked me if his glasses had come in. I looked in the hold box and said "No Sir, they have not". He said "Airman, I am an officer going PCS and need my glasses and you will get them for me". I told him the only way I could get them earlier was to order them POR but only the optometrist could do that and he was not in. He said, "Airman, I order you to request them POR". Again, I stated only the optometrist could do that.
     At that point Gen Stratemeyer stood up and said "Lieutenant, do you recognize me". The Lieutenant looked at the General and said "No Sir, I do not". Well, General Stratemeyer introduced himself and asked the Lieutenant if he was any better than him. "No Sir", the Lieutenant replied. "Good", the General said, "Neither do I". "Now, this airman is doing a fine job and I want you to apologize to him" at which time the Lieutenant did. The General then said you will get your glasses as soon this airman can and in the meantime if you come in this clinic again you will treat this airman with respect. "Airman", he said looking at me - "if this Lieutenant gives you any problem you left me know, I said, Yes Sir".
     Upon which time the Lieutenant departed. About a week later the Lieutenant opened the door to the clinic - quickly looked around - and inquired if his glasses had arrived - I said "No Sir" and he left without a sound. End of story.
      Thank you General Stratemeyer for your kindness and starting my career on the right track. I stayed in the medical corps and retired as a Senior Master Sergeant. I often think of that day long ago and the impression the general made on me. General Stratemeyey never received his due as an early aviation pioneer he so richly deserves. Thanks for this opportunity to share this with you....................
      PS The Lieutenant did get his glasses. Also, in that clinic I worked with the last active duty enlisted optometrist in the Air Force. I hope this story is worthy of your website.
An airman
Editor's Note: I want to thank my visitor for these two wonderful stories, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think they help a lot to personalize an otherwise impersonal and simply factual glimpse into the life and career of this pioneer aviator.

Contributed by M. McKeever, 1-18-12
     How wonderful it was to find your web page! You see, to me he was, "Uncle Strat". He and my father were raised in the same house in Peru, In. How many memories I have! His favorite TV show was Mr Ed. His wife, Annalee, would NOT disturb him during the program. I have a number of letters exchanged with my father re the various wars. I was born when they were 49. I remember my father crying when Truman relieved McArthur (in the middle of the night). Uncle Strat...was broken hearted too. My father obtained a big black Caddy for Uncle Strat upon his return to NYC. I had my heart set on attending an Eastern College. Ha! Uncle Strat and my Daddy would have none of it! They contacted another retired General named Spivey. He just happened to be President of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fl. Needless to say- I was a freshman there in fall 1957!
      I have clippings too. Let me know if you would like copies. I really loved Uncle Strat. One of the hardest things I have ever had to do was to call him when my Daddy died suddenly April 6, 1965. Mary Louise Howard Mckeever Aja Mimi.

via email from Paul Brodersen, 1-24-07
     This may be of some interest to you. The street I grew up on in Orlando, FL was named after General Stratemeyer. It is a small neighborhood with all the streets named after WWII generals: Stratemeyer, Spaatz, Brereton, Kepner, and Chenault. If you care, mapquest 5204 Stratemeyer Drive, Orlando, FL 32839. Neighborhood is called Rockwood Estates.
     The neighborhood was developed in the late 50's - my parent's house was built in 1959, so this would be the same time frame as when General Stratemeyer was serving at Orlando AFB per your website.

     If you search for "George Stratemeyer", using the Google search engine, (6-9-06), you will find about 728 links. Perhaps the most helpful are the following.
     You will find a photo of Gen. Stratemeyer among other officers of the 10th Air Force, 7th Bomb Group, 493rd Bomb Squadron, 1943 on Bill Werner's Home Page by clicking on the title above.

      As of today, (6-9-06), you will find a brief biography of Gen. Stratemeyer on the Air Force Historical Research Agency website by clicking on the title above.
      I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage where you will find a listing of many other publications online by clicking on Air Force Historical Research Agency

Gen. Stratemeyer's Signature
via email from Bob Spear, 6-9-06
      I was just going through some old things of my father who served in CBI in WWII and found a complete original set of General Orders Number 109 issuing airmedals to about 150 men dated 6 May 1945. They have Maj Gen Stratemeyers hand signed in ink signature at the end. I am slowly emailing all 15 pages to a person who maintains a website on CBI, but thought you might be interested in an emailed copy of the last page which has his signature. I happen to google Stratemeyers name so I could find out more about him and came across your website. Good job.
Bob Spear
son of Capt William Spear, Flight Surgeon, ATC, India Burma Theater
George E. Stratemeyer

Contributed by Pete Jones, 7-21-10
     You will find his birth and death dates on this page and also a photo of his headstone and one of the cemetery. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

George E. Stratemeyer died in 1969
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