I need a photo of him. If you can help, please contact me.

from Philippe Cheron - 9-18-03
I'm looking for some information on a Mr Style. He seems to me to have been a Belgian pioneer pilot or a World War I pilot, I don't know for sure that he might have been famous after WWI. He was related to Marc Hauchemaille, a Free French pilot in WWII and probably had a big influence on Marc's vocation
Thank you in advance for your help
Ph C
PS : I'm about to publish Marc Hauchemaille's personal diary (1940-1942)
from Jean-Pierre Lauwers - 9-18-03
I could not find a Mr. Style in my yearbooks of the Aé.C.B.! Seems at first glance that he might not to be a pre-WWI or WWI Belgian pilot as far as I can judge at this moment!
Are you sure this is the correct spelling of his name? Doesn't sound Belgian at all!
I noticed your email came in by BAHA, so it's possible they know more, certainly if it concerns the WWII period! I don't seem to have any records on himat all! I didn't find his name in the list of Aé.C.B. members as far as 1921. I will look further, but I don't have time for anymore today!
In haste,
Additional Details
from Philippe Cheron - 9-19-03
A local historian, (Rouen, Normandie), wrote in the 80's : "Marc Hauchemaille's vocation for aviation certainly came from the flying exploits of Mr. Style, a member of his family" Unfortunately, this historian passed away many years ago.
I guess Mr. Style was also a Belgian citizen, (not sure, of course), but I would like to check that point... I'm not sure that he was also very famous, I just don't know...
I do know that a Mrs. Style, (later married with Eugene Hauchemaille, Marc's adoptive father), had no children, so I guess that the "flying" Mr. Style is one of her brother's or uncle's and that he may have been active at the beginning of the 20th century, certainly before WWI.
One more time, many thanks for your help Best Regards
     Editor's Note: If you can help Philippe to unravel this puzzle, please contact me by email. I will forward all responses to him. (9-19-03)

from Dave Lam - 10-27-03
I finally found a pilot named Style. Try Maurice Style, who died in an aircraft accident 30 June 1914. Probably not the one your friend is looking for, but it's all I can find so far. He earned French license # 1488 on 7 November 1913. I will keep looking.

     If you use the Google search engine on "Maurice Style", (10-27-03), you will find about 87 links. Most of them refer to the word "style", not the proper name. I could not find any relevant links.

Marc Hauchemaille
by Philippe Chéron
Product Details
Date of Release: April, 2004
Hard-bound: 320 pages; 1.5x24cm
List Price: $29.50?
ISBN: 2-84949-010-5
textes présentés et commentés par Philippe Chéron
En pleine tourmente, une centaine d'élèves d'une école de pilotage embarquent pour le Pays de Galles. Ils formeront bientôt les premiers rangs de la France Libre. Parmi eux, Marc Hauchemaille. Fou d'une femme dont il est sans nouvelles, il débute un journal qui lui est destiné. Il y consigne ses doutes et ses rêves : participer à la libération de la France, revoir sa femme, sa Nadette. Croix de feu avant la guerre, il commente avec lucidité le paradoxe qui le pousse à lutter contre le gouvernement de Vichy qui en d'autres temps, l'aurait peut-être satisfait. Mais le 27 avril 1942, le sort qui lui a permis de passer in-extremis certains jours, le place en face d'un pilote allemand qui ne lui laisse aucune chance. Marc Hauchemaille disparu, sa veuve hérite des précieux carnets et de l'album photographique qui furent soigneusement préservés pendant près de 60 ans avant de revoir le jour, aujourd'hui.
Nombreuses photographies noir et blanc et couleur, annexes, carte et documents
Sortie prévue : avril 2004
album cartonné-intégra couleur et noir et blanc - 16,5x24 cm - 320 pages - 29,50 € ISBN : 2-84949-010-5
Publisher: petit à petit

Summary and Notes
by the author,
Philippe Chéron
     In great haste, a hundred students of a flying school embarked for Wales. They will soon form the first ranks of Free France. Among them was Marc Hauchemaille who hadn't had any news of his wife, back in France, since he left. Finally he did receive a copy of a newspaper which confirmed his worst fears. He then decided to join in the
Philippe Cheron
  release of France, hoping to rejoin his wife, Nadette.
      Even during the excitement and confusion of the war, he commented with clearness on the paradox which persuaded him to fight against the Vichy government which in other times, he might have joined.
     On April 27, 1942, fate, which had enabled him to pass in-extremis many days, placed him opposite a German pilot who did not leave him any chance of survival.
     Marc Hauchemaille disappeared. His widow inherited the invaluable notebooks and the photographic album, which were carefully preserved for nearly 60 years before being reexamined today. They are the source of many photographs, black and white and color, appendices, a chart and documents.
Proposed Date of Publication: April 2004
Publisher's Website: petit à petit
  Editor's Note: I apologize for having to use the machine-translation from BabelFish, but I can't read French at all. I have tried to paraphrase it into a more readable form.  

Maurice Style died in 1914.
Personal communication from Dave Lam.

Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this aviator?
please contact me.
E-mail to Ralph Cooper

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