W. F. Sullivan
Dayton, Ohio
from Ellington, 1918
Among those who made the Air Service possible, are--
W. F. Sullivan--Has Flown since 1913. Was a first lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps and flew over German lines in 1914. Can fly any type of machine made. Has instructed for government since war started.
from Ellington, 1918
Courtesy of Gary D. White

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Ellington Field: A Short History, 1917-1963
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     "Because of a lack of military pilots in 1917, the U.S. Army Air Service relied on civilian pilots to help train cadets. Civilian pilots often had mor flight experience than military aviators. During the war, Ellingon Field had seven civilian instructors: W.F. Sullivan, H.B. Crewdson, E.W. Cleveland,G.K. Hood, W.A. Pack, O.W. Hoover, and E.H. Lee. Upon graduation, a flight cadet would be christened a military aviator. After graduation, an aviator was shipped to Europe for more training and assignment to a combat squadron."
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