Nicolae Tanase
Nicolae Tanase
A formal photo of Nicolae later in life in a Tuxedo with all his medals
Contributed by Steve Rossini, 7-5-11
A signed photo of him in his WWI uniform with his medals.
Contributed by Steve Rossini, 7-5-11

via email from Steve Rossini, 7-5-11
Hello Ralph,
I have enclosed 3 attachments, two photos and an article. "Tanase_1" is a formal photo of Nicolae later in life in a Tuxedo with all his medals. "Tanase_2" is a signed photo of him in his WWI uniform with his medals.

"Tanse_Article" is an article my grandmother brought back when she went back for a visit.

Here is what I know about him (its not all that much. Mostly family stuff.)

My grandmother did talk about him allot and she had a great deal of respect and pride of him. He was born in 1895.. When to pilot school in Bucharest. My grandmother was his favorite of any of the nieces/nephews. I don't think he had any children. She did mention that he had a really big following in France and he was in an exhibit in Paris.

Also, you may want to take a look at the AXIS forums online. f=31&t=21976&start=0

I ran across a fellow from Bucharest talking about him and we exchanged some emails and he did some research for me. He provided me with the following INTERESTING info!

He was dubbed the "Brick Bomber" by the Germans during WWI. Apparently they ran out of bombs to drop so he decided to drop bricks on them. :-) That made me chuckle a bit.

Anyway let take a look at the link, the attachments, and the following email response for info about Nicolae. Also, feel free to use the photos & article anyway you want on your site. I'm just happy someone still cares.


--- Steve


From: Victor Nitu
Re: Nicolae Tanase

Here what I was able to find out on a short notice. He is the 35th pilot licensed in Romania. Sergent Nicolae Tanase received his pilot license on 6 October 1914. By Royal Decree no. 1945/6 June 1931 he was awarded the "Virtutea Aeronautica" Order with swords Gold Cross class. This was the most important Romanian award for aviators and was instituted in 1930. Mant WWI aviators were awarded the war version (with swords) in the early 30s in recognition for their deeds some 15 years before. The text attached to the award reads: "for the bravery with which he executed many good reconnaissance and bombing missions, managing to sink several enemy barges loaded with ammunitions at Persina, on the Danube, in the autumn of 1916." The event is also described in the article you sent me.

The Aeronautical Virtue Order can be seen in the photo "tanase_1.jpg" second from the right, on the top.

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