AKA Carlos Tenaud
Carlos Tenaud
Contributed by Sergio de la Puente, 7-12-10

via email from Eduardo Dargent, 7-25-09
Hello Ralph
     There is another early Peruvian pilot, Carlos Tenaud, of whom I would like to write some lines. He intended to build an ornithopter in 1905. He failed but the government sent him to study flying in France. He returned at the same time as Bielovucic, each with a plane. Tenaud was very unlucky and his plane got tangled in some electric wires. The poor young man died a very slow death after several months at his parents home in lima

via email from Eduardo Dargent, 10-2-09
Hello Ralph
     Carlos Tenaud was the son od Julio Tenaud and Maria Luisa del Pomar. His name in Spanish then is CARLOS TENAUD DEL POMAR. As I am Eduardo Dargent Chamot. In Spanish the mothers maiden name is used second so you can adress me as Eduardo Dargent or if more formally you can use the two family names. So you can call him Carlos Tenaud or Carlos Tenaud del Pomar but NEVER "Carlos del Pomar".

     If you search for "Carlos Tenaud" +aviation, using the Google search engine,
(9-19-09), you will find about 16 links, only one of which is very helpful.
     You will also find an entry in Dave Lam's listing of "Aviation Deaths Summary" on this website;


Pedro Paulet: Peruvian Space and Rocket Pioneer
by Sara Madueño Paulet de Vásquez
     This very interesting website is devoted primarily to the story of Pedro Paulet, but there is one paragraph which deals with Tenaud:

"The Dec. 7, 1910, edition of Ilustracíon Peruana), was dedicated, for example, to reporting on the 1908 construction of the first Peruvian monoplane. The building of this 36-foot monoplane, was carried out by Peruvian engineer Carlos Tenaud Pomar, at the School of Arts and Trades. Educated at the Carnot Lyceum in France, Tenaud came to Lima with Paulet, to collaborate on his project for the school."

     If time permits, I think you will want to read the entire article.

Carlos Tenaud died on 7 Sep 1911
from Aviation Deaths Summary

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