Lewis Eugene Thompson
Lewis Eugene Thompson
Contributed by David Buerk, 1-2-11

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     If you search for "Lewis Eugene Thompson" +artist, using the Google search engine, (1-4-11), you will find about 112 links. Among the most helpful are the following.
March AFB Museum
Lewis Eugene Thompson, Artist, a 1910 student of the Wright Brothers
Courtesy, March Field Air Museum Collection
       This page, one of many on the March Field Air Museum website, offers beautiful color reproductions of several of the more than 200 portraits which he painted. In addition, you will find a very comprehensive and interesting story of his life and career which was written by Steve Clugston, the Curator of Exhibitions at the Museum. You can access that page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, I heartily recommend that you visit the homepage of the Museum and sample some of the many other resources which are available. You can access it by clicking on:
March Field Air Museum

Lewis Eugene Thompson
     Our friend Jerry Harness alerted me to the fabulous resource. You will find a very helpful revue of Thompson's life and career on this page on the Ask/Art,website. Lewis is one of 54,000+ American artists whose stories are available on this "Artist's Bluebook - Worldwide Edition." As a non-subscriber you can see one of his paintings and also a brief biography. Many more subjects of interest are available to subscribers. You can access the page by clicking on the title.


L. E. Thompson Dies;
Former Dayton Artist

News - March 25, 1968
Submitted by Gerald A. Harness, 1-22-05
     Lewis Eugene Thompson, former Dayton artist, died Sunday at Santa Barbara, Calif., according to word received here. He was about 72.
     A native of Michigan, Mr. Thompson came here in 1942 to work at Wright field, where he did paintings of newly designed airplanes.
     Later he painted scores of portraits in a series called "The History of American Aviation." Subjects included the Wright brothers and many famed Air Force figures. Some of the paintings were exhibited at the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences in New York city.
     After World War II, Mr. Thompson established a studio on Jefferson St., painting by commission and teaching art. Two of his works were done for Emmanuel Catholic church.
     He moved to Santa Barbara in 1959.

Funeral Set
For Former
Area Artist

Newsclipping contributed by David Buerk, 1-2-11
     Former Dayton artist Lewis E. Thompson died Sunday in Santa Barbara, Calif. Relatives here believe he was about 72.
     Mr. Thompson began working at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1942, painting pictures of new airplanes. He also painted a series of portraits entitled "The History of American Aviation."
     After the war, Mr. Thompson worked in a Jefferson street studio, painting by commission and giving art lessons.
     He moved to Santa Barbara in 1959.
     He is survived by his wife, Marian; a daughter, Mrs. Elouise Garrett, and a son, Ralph E., both of Dayton.
     Funeral services will be held a 3:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Welsh-Ryee funeral home, Santa Barbara. Mr. Thomson will be buried in Michigan.

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