George Underwood
George Underwood Montage
Collection of Jayne Roberts, 6-27-08

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George Underwood
Warden, West Virginia: September 24, 1912
Collection of Beryl Nulph, 4-14-05
      The remains of Mr. George Underwood arrived in this city Tuesday a. m. He died at Callaeo, Mo., on last Friday night, at 9:03, from the injuries sustained from the fall from his biplane. Messrs. S. E. Robinsons and Clyde Underwood, brother of the deceased, of Warden, when apprised of his condition, wanted to leave immediately for Callaeo, but when informed of his passing, did not go. H. A. Signor accompanied the body to Warden.
     Mr. Underwood was a native of Warden this county, where he was born and reared. About nine years ago he left for the western slope where he had been until recently when he returned as far east as Missouri. He has for some time past been engaged in making very successful biplane flights and was a graduate from the Curtiss Aviation School at Los Angeles, Cal., and was at the time of his fatal accident practicing for an aviation meet which held out a handsome purse to the most successful of those participating. He, though, like the ill-fated Paul Peck, was not only making an envious record, but when apparently reaching his zenith, haviing made over 400 flights was suddenly called upon to make his last long flight to the God who possessed him of his accomplishments.
      He was well and favorably known in this city and has numerous relatives in the county. His mother, Mrs. M. L Riggs, survives him. Interment took place Wednesday at the War Memorial Cemetery.

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