AKA Poly Vacas
Polihroniade Vacas
03.10.1911 - Polihroniade Vacas a executat, cu un avion Farman, primul raid la distanta, in cadrul manevrelor militare, pe ruta Bucuresti - Buzau - Roman.
via email from Aurelian Simionescu, 8-16-06

via email from Capt. Doru Vārlan, 9-12-08
     Poly Vacas was born in Bucharest, (Romania's capital city), in 1895.
     In 1911, he volunteered to the first Romanian aviation training school initiated by Mihai Cerchez (a Romanian lawer) at Chitila (near the city of Bucharest).
      In 1913, at the age of 18, Vacas has got his pilot wings (no.40 Romanian pilot's licence, on October 29th, 1913).
     Vacas took part in different airshows at that time. He also was amongst the first flight instructors of the time, teaching at the Bucharest-Baneasa flight school initiated by Prince GEORGE VALENTIN BIBESCU. (dedication day: August the 1st, 1912).
     In 1916, October the 4th, he was flying with the Romanian Neuport Squadron of the time. As a pilot, Vacas took part to the First World War.
      Poly Vacas died in 1949, in Bucharest, as a squadron leader (air forces general).

via email from Aurelian Simionescu, 8-16-06
     "On March 10, 1911 Polihroniade Vacas flew with a Farman airplane from Bucharest to Roman via Buzau part of the spring military maneuvers (exercises?)."
     From other online source I learned that Poly Vacas was a young relative of Cherkez (the founder of Chitila Piloting School), and that he was born in Braila, probably in 1893.
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     If you search for "Polihroniade Vacas", using the Google search engine, (9-13-08), you will find just three relevant links, two of them back to this site. The other is written in Romanian, I think, but a machine-translated version is available. It only mentions Vacas as a passenger.

Poly Vacas died in 1949, in Bucharest
Personal communication from Capt. Doru Vārlan, 9-12-08
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