The Frank Van Anden Biplane. The Fourth Member's Machine to Fly

     Among those members of the Aeronautic Society, who have built machines elsewhere than at Morris Park are Miss E. L. Todd, the only lady member;
F. E. Boland; A. J. Stadtler, S. M. Gardenhire, Reyburn Watres, G. W. Lewis, A. W. Leonard, J. C. B. Storrs and Romer Stevens; R. D. Herzog of Harvard;
F. Van Anden of Islip, L. I.; M. B. Sellars, Fireclay, Ky.; D. D. Wells of Jacksonville, Fla.; and Dr. B. J. Pressey, of Newport News, Va.

from Bulletin No. 1, Aeronautic Society, 1908-1909
Frank Van Anden on the Book Rags Site

This site is really a treasure house of information for the aviation enthusiast and others. I found it while doing a Google search for Frank Van Anden. The link returned was to Chapter XVII of an online book entitled Flying Machines: Construction and Operation by W.J. Jackman and Thos. H. Russell. The entire chapter, and in fact the entire book, has been digitized and is available online for us to read. What a wonderful service! According to the information on the Home Page, there are more than 1,500 books online. I heartily recommend this site to your attention.
You may access the page which refers to Frank by clicking on: Van Anden. From there you can go to the Home Page to learn more about the collection.

The date of his death is unknown.

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