AKA Raoul Vendôme
Raoul Vendome
Raoul Vendome
via email from Gilbert Petibon, 9-23-09

French Odier-Vendome
On the back of the postcard there is written:
"74406 Fototipia Alterocca - Terni."
Terni is a town in Italy.
Collection of Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-5-06
     Built for Henri Rougier, the famous French Pilot, by the Vendome company in 1910. I don't know what the title on your photo means, but I wonder if it is a pilot's name, rather than an aircraft make. Attached is another photo of the same aircraft, this time flying at Issy-les-Moulineux -- it says 1909, but my other sources say this plane first flew in 1910, so I don't know.
Identification by Dave Lam, 3-11-06

Rougier's Vendome
ODIER VENDOME sur biplan avec un passenger, Issy-les-Moulineux, 7 Septembre 1909
Collection of Dave Lam, 3-11-06

Vendome Mosquito
Vendome's Mosquito
via email from Gilbert Petibon, 9-22-09

Using the Google search engine on "Raoul Vendome" +aviation", (7-30-08), you will find about 63 links. Most of them display photos of the various aeroplanes he developed.
Maison de l'Aigle
     If you read French, you can access the page directly by clicking on the title above. The page is devoted primarily to mansions, but the one which was designed and built by Vendome includes a very helpful, if brief, biography.

     If you need a version in English, as I do, you can get a machine-translated copy by clicking on:

     You will probably want to use your "FIND" function on "Vendome" to locate the entry on the page.


Vendome Mosquito
     I was looking for a picture of Vendome by using the "IMAGE" feature of Google. Among the several links was this one which led to the RC Groups.com website. On it are found several very nice photographs of the aeroplane. In two of them, it is possible to see him as the operator of the plane. You can access that page by clicking on the title above.

Raoul Vendome died in 1955.

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