Charles F. Walsh, Noted Birdman, Will Give Two Aeroplane Exhibitions
at Baseball Grounds Saturday and Sunday,
July 15 and 16

Contract is Made With Magicians, Team Benefitting by Any Surplus in Gate
Receipts - Curtiss-Farman Biplane Will be Used by Young Aviator-
Demonstrating of Starting, Alighting and Close Flying Will be Given-
Complete Program is Promised.

     Spectacular flying, something that Twin Falls has never seen, is scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday when Charles F. Walsh, a a birdman with an established reputation as a sucessful aviator will give an exhibition in aeroplane flights at the baseball park grounds in Twin Falls.      At last the Magic City is to have a real aviation meet. All arrangements have been made and completed. Walsh, will, according to contract, arrive here a few days ahead of time bringing his Curtiss-Farman biplane and a staff of mechanics. The aviator ordinarily will fly from twenty minutes upward, weather permitting, of course, and will attain an altitude not less than 100 feet. He also will fly as close to the ground as possible. Should the weather interfere, ticket holders will be given rain checks for the following day. flight he got away apparently with as much ease as a bird.
     Walsh will fly the first time for first money instead of a guaranteed proportion. In fact, the certainty here is based upon a percentage with a minimum guarantee that his share will not be less than enough to cover his actual expenses.


     Walsh is the youngest of the aviators, having forged rapidly to the front among the best known aeroplane men in the world. He enjoys two distinctions, that of learning to fly without instructions and of being the first man to demonstrate a heavier than air machine before the kite-loving people of Japan, giving an exhibition before the emperor and his court

Charles Walsh

Charles F. Walsh in His Biplane Which Will Fly in Twin Falls

The aviation exhitition, is considered without doubt one of the most complete programs that any aviator could attempt to execute. Charles L. Young, Walsh's manager, states that he will do stunts within the grounds that are exceptional to attempt without wrecking the machine.

Record Flight to His Credit.

     Walsh has been a great success at all of the big meets and is now on his way to Chicago where he will fly at the great international meet, August 13 to 20. Prizes for this meet are now made as high as $250,000.
     Walsh has been without failure, practically in all his attempts of aviation and has met with few accidents, some of them serious. Some of his flights have been more daring than those of other aviators. He recently made a record breaking trial at Petaluma, California, going to Santa Rosa, a distance of 14 1-2 miles in 12 minutes and 12 seconds. In this
by royal command. He made a well paying tour of Japan and he has since flown in most of the important meets that have been held in this country.

Demonstration to be Made.

     Walsh and his party are due to arrive here today from LaGrande, Oregon, where he flew July 8 and 9. One of the main features of the meet will be the demonstration within the grounds prior to the flights; this will take up about forty minutes, during this time the motor will be started and the mechanics will explain all the workings of the machine, and show how the machine rises from the ground and alights like a big bird.
     Walsh's contract is made with the Twin Falls baseball team, which will be the beneficiary of any surplus in the gate receipts. Two baseball games will be played with Blackfoot's crack team between flights.