Born in Denmark as Jens P. Wilson.
Ironwood, Michigan
Jimmy Ward's Curtiss Pusher, 1911
from The Day The Airmail Began
by Edith Dodd Culver
  Biography Jimmie Ward's
Shooting Star

Definitive Biography
Contributed by Pete Jones, 7-27-10
Hi Ralph,
      Im pleased to be sending you this story on Jimmie Ward, his life story matter of fact. It's from a Minnesota Historical Society article from the Winter of 1995 and was written by Steven R. Hoffbeck. Im still reading this article myself as I write you this email. Ward's story is one of adventure & sadness.
     Ralph I was actually looking up material on Rene Allard and out of nowhere ran into this article on Ward. The internet is truly amazing. I always knew of Ward's name in aviation histories but knew nothing about him other than his transcontinental attempt.
     To enlarge the page use the "+" or "-" buttons at the top of the article to best suit your reading comfort. The article is in PDF format so that means it's more or less in it's entirety. Here's the link:


Jimmy died on Dec 3, 1923.

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