Robert A. Warren
Robert A. Warren
Towed in his Glider, 1909
About 1989

Senior Bird Takes Final Solo Flight
By Glenn E. Messer, EB

Early Bird Robert A. Warren of Mattapoisett, Mass., died February 8, 1990 in Jupiter, Florida. He was 98.
     He built and flew giders off Prospect Hill in 1909 and from then on his life long interest was aviation.
     After serving as an ensign in the U.S. Navy during WW I, he became an economist for Boston Federal Reserve. In 1926 he became president of American Airports of New England and New England Air Terminals. Later he and his father, George Frederick Warren formed Waltham Aeronautical Society.
     Bob was a charter member of the Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. and served as president in 1977-1978.
     Glenn Messer remembers him.
     It is with sadness and regrets that I write ---
     We have lost one of our most ardent supporters and loyal elder Early Bird in the person of Robert A. Warren, 98 years. I have been closely associated with Bob for many years. He was always willing as long as he was able to go any go any place any time in matters pertaining to the interest of the Early Birds. He has spent time in my home, we would communicate with each other every few weeks. He would write me long letters setting forth his ideas pertaining to the operation and future of the Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. He had an extraordinary memory of all matters pertaining to the Early Birds which he held in the Highest esteem of any organization with which he was associated.
     We thoroughly respected each others opinion. After long discussions we would always arrive at some compromise with which we could both live.
     He served as President of the Early Birds of Aviation, Inc., and during the last few years he served on the Board of Governors and was Chairman of the Nominating Committee. I served on the Board with him and each person considered as a candidate was thoroughly investigated and contacted personally by phone before a final decision was rendered.
     He had a sense of close personal relationship with each member of The Early Birds and contacted them by telephone at regular intervals.
     His mind even at the last was sharp as a "tack." I talked to him on Saturday night, February 2nd, prior to his passing during the night of Friday, February 8th. He told me then he realized his time was short.
     In the loss of Robert A. Warren we have lost a wonderful gentleman and one of our most loyal Early Birds of Aviation, Inc.
     As of this date we have eight remaining Early Birds
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, March, 1991, Number 92

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