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February 22, 1915--Duluth News Tribune--page 10
Aeroplane-Auto Contest Di-
vides Interest With Big
Auto Exhibit

     Just how much of a figure Duluth puts in the automobile world will be determined today at the opening of the first annual auto exhibit in the Auditorium. Third avenue East and First street. Indications are that in the majority of Duluthians, the show will be a revelation.
     Automobile men engaged for the last few days in setting the stage for the show, yesterday rested from their labors. They completed all arrangements for the novelty and speed races on the ice beginning at 11 o'clock this morning. Thousands of the holiday crowd are expected to line the course from Second to Twenty-sixth avenue East.
     Yesterday afternoon a number of entrants to the contests speeded up and down the course on the lake while hundreds looked on. The occasion suggested to the management of the show the necessity of appointing a number of guards to keep the crowds back from the track. Every efort will be made to avoid accidents. Persons who intend to witness the races will be advised to refrain from crowding the course.
     Interest is divided between the
Harry J. Webster
aeroplane-auto events and the exhibit at the Auditorium. Harry Webster, daring airman, who has already thrilled Duluthians on a number of occasions, will pilot his craft against Ray Buchanan's speedy National car.
     The display of machines, supplemented by numerous other features in the automobile world, will attradt a record attendance, it is expected. The show will continue through the week, coming to an end Saturday night. Band concerts will be given every night.

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