March 13, 1915--Duluth News Tribune--page 7

Takes C. S. Wilson Aloft in Aero-
Okabe and Races With


Photographer Gets Pictures of
Airman in Race With
Motor Car.

     That photographers might get pictures of his aeroplane in a race with an automobile over the ice on Lake Superior, Harry Webster, Duluth aviator, yesterday made two more flights. Thursday afterenoon he made a long flight over the business section of the city. C. R. Wilson, secretary of the Northland Country club, accompanied him on the second flight yesterday.
     Yesterday morning, Webster made a short flight from his aero shed at
Fourteenth avenue East and the lake shore. In the afternoon he raced with an automobile on the ice, remaining about 25 feet above the surface of the lake.
Says Weather Perfect
     "The weather has been nearly perfect," said Harry Webster last night. "I didn't expect to have it come my way so well, but I was ready for it and I succeeded in making three flights in the last two days. The ice on the lake makes an admirable aviation field."
     Webster announced his intention of attempting some "stunts" when his engine is more perfectly adjusted. For the present he will merely practice.
     He will make a number of flights in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Montana and Wisconsin this summer.
Many Want to Go Up.
     Already the success of his flights has imbued budding airmen with the spirit of the flight and Webster has had many requests from them to take a passenger.
     His motor is of 80-horsepower and was built by the Curtiss factory in New York. Webster uses it in summer and fall for carnival and exhibion flights.

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