March 15, 1915--Duluth News Tribune--page 10

Dr. Park's 1913 Cup-Winning Car Makes Brave Showing.
Aviator Drops "Bomb" From 1,200 Feet Above Street.

       Harry Webster made three flights yesterday afternoon over the lake and the business section of Duluth. On one flight he soared to a height of 1,200 feet over Superior street and dropped a bomb of his own manufacture which exploded 150 feet below the machine.
     Taking part in the ice races which were held on the lake, he defeated Ray Buchanan's National once, and lost one race. Then he soared higher and took a birdseye view of the business section from the Central high school eastward and back to his starting point.
     Four events in the automobile ice races were held. In the first, four cars
competed. Three cars entered each of the other three races. Buchanan made more than 70 miles an hour in one of his races. In one event, which Buchanan won, Dr. J. D. Park's Locomobile, which in 1913 won the national trophny of the A. A. A., worth $5,000, in the Minneapolis to Glacier park tour, showed some newer models "a few things." finishing second. Alex Cosgrove drove the car, which has traveled 135,000 miles
     Cliff Oppel entered his Napier, and Norman Smith's Overland was driven by Willis. Drivers declared the ice was in perfect conditions.

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