September 13, 1915--Duluth News Tribune--page 8


Harry Webster, Duluth Airman,
to Give Two Flights Daily,
Sept. 16 to 20.

(News Tribune Special.)
PINE CITY, Minn., Sept. 12. -- Secretary Perkins of the Pine County Agricultural society says all arrangements are made for the opening of the twenty-eighth annual fair in Pine county. many improvements are being made and the racetrack is being put in shape. Local horsemen have been on the course for some time and say it is the fastest it ever has been.
     Several good races are expected when the fair opens Thursday, Sept. 16. Webster, the famous loop-the-loop aviator, will be here the first two days and will give two exhibitions daily. The crop exhibits, with the exceptions of corn, will surpass anything ever seen in this section.
     Two ball games have been arranged and there will be two bands on the grounds. The old grandstand has been torn down and a modern structure put in its place.


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