O. E. Williams Biplane - 1912
The aviator is Elling O. Weeks.
Photo and legend from Cyndi Korsgaard, 4-3-07
Daughter of O. E. Williams

     If you search for "Elling Weeks", using the Google search engine, (11-11-08), you will find about seven links which are helpful. Two links which I previously cited have both disappeared from the net, however they have been replaced by two more of interest.

Elling Weeks : Solo Flight After Zero Flight Time In May, 1910       This page on the website of the Aviation Sports Club on the RNZAF BASE AUCKLAND, offers a fascinating story of his solo flight. You may want to use the "FIND" function on "Elling" to find the entry on the page. You can access the site by clicking on the link above.
Elling O. Weeks
       I found this beautiful photograph of Elling O. Weeks in his aeroplane on a webpage which is found on the AEEM Departmental Newsletter of Iowa State University, College of Engineering website. The author of the newsletter is Paul "P. J." Hermann, Editor-in-Chief. He has kindly granted permission to me retain it on this page. 9-4-03  

     Elling is mentioned briefly on the entry of the O. E. Williams Aeroplane Co. You may access the site by clicking on:
Elling O. Weeks

     You may want to use the "Find" function on "Weeks"
     Elling is also mentioned briefly on the entry of Weeks, Weeks-Riggs. You may access the site by clicking on:
Elling O. Weeks

     You may want to use the "Find" function on "Weeks."

Emergency Landing
       Pioneer flyer Elling Weeks made an emergency landing (he ran out of gas) in Griffith's oat field along the east side of Duff Avenue, north of Thirteenth Street on June 29, 1915. The first plane ever to land in Ames, it drew a big crowd. Weeks, a Slater native, was a car dealer in Eagle Grove at the time. He paid Griffith $50.00 for the damage to his crop. (See also: 110.604.1-2)
Text and Photo Courtesy of the
Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive

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via email from Tom Weeks, 2-8-08
     There's a new ( 6 ) six page aviation article on Elling Weeks [ pilot lic. # 214 ] in the current
[ February ] issue of FLIGHT JOURNAL on the magazine shelves of Borders and Barnes & Noble book stores. You will find the set of stories to be very interesting and loaded with new information along with never before published flying pictures from 1910 - 1915.
Tom Weeks

The RC
     This website provides the opportunity to buy a copy of the February 2008 issue of the Flight Journal magazine in which the article by Tom Weeks appeared originally. You can access the page by clicking on the title.

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