Howard Franklin Wehrle
To Paul R. Matt
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Howard R. Wehrle

From the Collection of Joe Gertler

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Joe Writes, "I have about 70 of these 5 x 7s in fancy folding mats made especially for this set and inscribed front and inside as Paul Matt's. Nice shredded cotton rag edges too. A beautiful set that cost me a LOT more than I would have "liked" to pay. But it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Important (mostly signed) collection,from photographer/historian/author/editor Paul Matt's personal collection. He went to many of the Early Bird meetings as an invited guest/historian. he corresponded with many of them and was an avid collector for himself. I don't remember when he died, but it is quite a few years ago, now. More than half of these photos are signed and dated, which makes them doubly useful, (as sample references for collecting and authenticating letters and autographs)"
"Feel free to include my email address with your references and feel free to mention that I own the complete, original archives of The Wright Company (1909-1915); the Glenn Curtiss archives (1910-1923); and the "first' Glenn Martin Co.(1912-1917)
Cheers, Joe Gertler"
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Howard Franklin Wehrle

     Here's a group of the National Guard at Mineola back in 1916, including two Early Birds,. Can you find them? They are Lieut. Howard F. Wehrle (front row - left), and Lieut. Ivan P. Wheaton (second from right - standing).
from the Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, November 1956, Number 55

Private Library
Howard F. Wehrle
Howard Franklin Wehrle

       Howard Franklin Wehrle was born in Charleston, W. Va. January 20, 1890. Died December 14, 1964. Funeral services in Cincinnati, December 16th, 1964. Interment at Arlington National Cemetery, December 21, 1964.
     Educated in the Charleston Grade and High Schools, He entered the Curtiss Aviation School in April, 1916, and was mustered into the Federal service at Fort Monroe on July 13, 1916. Assigned to duty at Mineola, Long Island, Mr. Wehrle also served at Kelly Fields Nos. 1 and 2, and Taliaferro Field from September to October, 1917, when he was ordered overseas with Handley Page Training Station No. 1, returned from England in December, 1918, and was assigned to duty at Hazelhurst Field until February 1919, when he was assigned to duty at St. Paul, Minnesota, where he remained until leaving the service. He made his first solo flight on June 16, 1916 at the Curtiss Flying School and was given his RMA rating in the Signal Corps in March, 1917. Retired with the rank of Major, Mr. Wehrle was Secretary of the National Aeronautic Association in 1924 and President of the Flying Club of Kansas City.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, December, 1964, Number 71

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