I need a photo of him. If you can help, please contact me.

via email from Judi Fisher, 5-28-07
Dear Mr. Cooper,
I am a distant relative of Ed Korn through my grandmother and am currently writing a story about his and Milt's flying days. I have access to a photo which has the flying instructors at the Kinloch Field, St. Louis Missiouri and according to Ed Korn's notes in his later years, Ray Wheeler is one of those photographed in the group.
Thought this might be of interest. He was killed within the year after as Ed went to Kinoch to train in September 1911and later instructed there. Ray was killed in May 1912.
Judi Fisher
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Editor's Note: I thank Judi for this information and hope that she will share a copy of the photograph with us. I know it would make a valuable addition to the stories of the pioneers who flew at Kinoch Field.

Amateur Aviator is Killed by Fall
The Daily Times,
Chattanooga, Tennessee, May 14, 1912,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 8-12-04
St Louis, May 13.
Ray Wheeler, amateur aviator, was killed, and Peter Glasser, a companion, probably fatally injured, when their machine struck a telegraph pole at Kinloch Park tonight. The accident occurred when the aeroplane was caught in a whirlwind 100 feet above the earth.
      Wheeler and Glasser were thrown thirty feet. Wheeler's skull was crushed, his right leg was broken in three places and his arm was fractured. He died on the way to the hospital.

Ray Wheeler was killed in St. Louis on May 13, 1912
From the newsclipping courtesy of Bob Davis.
Editor's Note:
If you have any more information on this Early Bird,
please contact me.
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