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  John T. H. Whitaker of Los Altos, California passed away October 19, 1959 in Palo Alto. Services were conducted by Floyd Bennett Aviation Post of the American Legion, with burial at Golden Gate National Cemetery.

     Mr. Whitaker was born at Somerset, Ohio, March 6, 1896. He first soloed with a glider in 1909 and with a powered plane in 1910. He was an organizer of Stinson Aircraft Corp., later a vice president of Szekely Aircraft and Engineering Co., vice president and general manager of Barkley Grow Aircraft Corp., vice president and general manager of Nicholas Beazley Aircraft Co., and general manager of the Marshall Flying School before becoming a mining engineer. Most recently he was president of Nevada Mining Co. and Smith & Whitaker Corp. He served in the Aviation Section of the Signal Corps during World War I.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, January 1960, Number 62
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