George Clarke Whiting

New Members, 1964

George Clarke Whiting was born in Boston, Mass. on January 28, 1894 and was one of the Harvard group of 17 men who learned to fly in 1916 at the Wright Aeronautical School in Mineola, Long Island, N. Y., then offered their services to the U. S. government, believing the war was imminent, three of whom were accepted into the U. S. Naval Aviation and the remainder were accepted into the U. S. Army Air Service.
     Whiting learned to fly on a Wright model B machine under instructor Rinehart at Mineola, N. Y. and made his first solo flight prior to August 25, 1916. He was later picked to receive advanced training under the Royal Flying Corps in England, where he was rated a Military Pilot under the R.F.C.
George Clarke Whiting died in 1981
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP,
December 1964, Number 71

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