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Francois Durafour
Francois Durafour
Campo de Marte - March 24, 1912
Newspaper announcement courtesy of Juan Manuel Quesada F., 11-23-04

If you search for "Paul Wyss +aviation" using Google, (10-19-05), you will find about 265 links! Unfortunately for those of us who only read English, the most important websites are in French. However, machine-translations are available for many of them directly from the link on Google. In fact, the only one I could find of real value is the following.
Paul WYSS (1885-1958)
pilote indépendant des premiers meetings aériens genevois (1910-1911).
"pilot independent of the first Genevese air meetings"
      This article on the Pionnair-GE website, was written by Jean-Claude Cailliez and offers a very comprehensive biography of Paul, illustrated with several beautiful photographs. If you read French, you are in for a treat, and can enjoy the article by clicking on the title above.
      For the rest of us, we can obtain a machine-translated version directly from the entry on Google.
      If you read French, you can take full advantage of this monumental resource which offers a comprehensive revue of Swiss aviation from its beginnings in 1783 to the present. The authors, Jean-Claude Cailliez and Stéphane Boos, by virtue of their vision and industry, have managed to assemble the definitive source of information on the events, the aviators and the air vehicles from balloons through the airplanes to the rockets. Each of the sections is replete with many comprehensive articles, most with numerous important and rare photographs.You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
      For the rest of us, I heartily recommend that you visit the site, in the machine-translated version, by clicking on:
English Version

Paul Wyss died in 1958

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