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     If you search for "C. Yamada +aviation", using the Google search engine, (11-12-03), you will find about 11 links, only two of them being relevant. The one immediately below was suggested by John Barnitz. (11-11-03)
     This page on the Naval Base Coronado Website. offers a complete history of the Naval Air Station, North Island, from its inception to the present date. In the fifth paragraph from the top, you will find the following brief reference to Lt. Yamada.
      "The list of American military pilots trained at North Island reads like the Who's Who of aviation; however, America was not the only country interested in aviation early in the twentieth century. Six years before the Naval Air Station was commissioned, (November 8, 1917), Glenn Curtiss, the famed aviation pioneer and later aircraft manufacturer, trained the first group of Japanese aviators at his flying school on the Island. Among them was a LT C. Yamada would later become infamous as the head of Japan's Naval aviation in World War II."
      This excerpt recounts just one of the many fascinating incidents which you can enjoy while on the page. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
The dates of his birth death are not known.

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