Eduardo Bradley & Angel Maria Zuloaga
Collection of Marcelo S. Parravicini, 8-24-04

Brigadier Major Angel M. Zuloaga
by Georg v. Rauch
translated from the original German text by Arne Brunner

Early in January 1972, l applied for and obtained a 30-day leave. The Squadron Commander granted it without blinking an eye. 'May I ask where you are going this time?' "Buenos Aires!' When Lt. 'Scottie" Sokol learned of my destination he pleaded, " Would you mind taking a package for me?" Somewhat surprised I replied, " Why Lieut. Sokol!, I did not know you had relatives in Argentina!" "No Sir, l've been corresponding with an Argentine aviation enthusiast over the past few months." I !agreed to take the packet, after all, ! owed Sokol many favors!. The package contained books and photographs for Antonio Biedma Recalde, a well know Argentine historian. A few days later, already in Buenos Aires, l contacted Sr. Recalde. We agreed to meet at the editorial offices of "Aeroespacio", an Argentine Aviation magazine on Paraguay Street, No. 478. This was most convenient, as it was only a few blocks from the Claridge Hotel where I was staying . We met the following day in the afternoon. I turned over the package and was about to take leave when the gentleman invited me for a cup of coffee in a pleasant restaurant across the nearby San Martín Plaza. No sooner were we seated, when a man greeted my host effusively. The proper introductions were made:" Brigadier Mayor Zuloaga!".

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     If you search for Ángel María Zuloaga using Google, (1-10-08), you will find about 259 links. Most of them are written in Spanish, but a machine-translation is usually available directly from the Google page.

Los Andes en Internet - Museo Virtual
     You will find a brief resumé of the crossing of the Andes by Captain Angel María Zuloaga and Pilot Eduardo Bradley in 1916. Of great interest are two photographs, capable of enlargment. One is of the basket of the Eduardo Newbery balloon and the other shows both Eduardo Bradley and Ángel Maria Zuloaga in the basket. You can access the story by clicking on the title above. The primary website is written in Spanish, but if you need an English translation, you may obtain it directly from the Google entry or by clicking on:
Zuloaga - English
The other links are worthy of a quick look, but are not very helpful.

The date of his death is unknown to me.

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