This photo was autographed:
To my old instructor, Walter Lees, signed, W.H. Brookley

via email from Aircorpboy, 4-2-04
     I was looking at your pictures of the Curtiss R-6 and looked in an aviation encyclopedia. I found that the R-6 was built for the U.S. Army only and that only two were ever completed. These were used to take part in the 1921 Pulitzer Trophy Race at Omaha, Nebraska. For the next four years the Army R-6 took first place in the Pulitzer Race 3 times losing just once. In 1922 the R-6 was flown into second place in the Pulitzer Race at Selfridge Field, Michigan. The pilot for that race was a man by the name of Lester Maitland.
     P.S.- I also found reference to another similar Curtiss racer called the CR-1, the book doesn't say who the CR-1 was built for but perhaps it is the Navy aircraft that is in your photo. If it is an R-6 then perhaps they repainted it and maybe the man in the photo is Lester Maitland?

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