ST. LOUIS MO, 1923
  Verville-Sperry Racer  
  Verville-Sperry Racer  
  The Verville-Sperry racer, trimmest of all aircraft, will be one of the competitors
in the race for the Pulitzer trophy. The landing wheels fold up when it is in flight.

9 a. m..---Gates open
9:30 a. m.---Demonstration of the Farman plane, same as Monday and Tuesday.
11 a. m.---Event No. 7, Detroit News air mail trophy race for air mail planes and pilots. Distance, 186 miles, six times around the course. Prizes, $800, $500 and $200. Entrants: Ernest M. Allison, L. H. Garrison, William C. Hopson, James H. Knight, Harold T. Lewis, James F. Moore, Dean C. Smith, Frank R. Tasger, Randolph G. Page, E. F. White, B. H. WInslow, W. F. Blanchfield, R. H. Ellis, W. D. WIlliams, R. F. Collins and W. L. Smith. Plane numbers not yet assigned.
2 p. m.---Event No. 8, Pulitzer trophy race, the air classic of America, for civilians and military. Distance 124 miles, four times around the course. Prizes $2000, $1500 and $500. Entrants: Lieut. S. W. Callaway, U. S. N., 7, Wright fighter; Lieut. L. H. Sanderson, U. S. M. C.,Wright fighter; Ensign A. J. Williams, 9, R-2-C-1; Lieut. Harold J. Brow, U. S. N., 10, R-2-C-1; Lieut. Alexander Pearson, U. S. A., 48, Verville-Sperry racer; Lieut. W. Miller, U. S. A., 49, Curtiss racer; Lieut. J. D. Corkille, 50, Curtiss racer.
4 p. m.---Demonstration of the Barling bomber, largest airplane in the world.
5 p. m.---Formation flying.
7 p. m.---Night flying demonstration, same as Monday and Tuesday nights.

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