My Favorite Links

  AeroFiles - American powered aircraft since December 17, 1903. ADF lists more than 10,000 types of U.S. aircraft, their models, their specifications and data, and informative text. Photos and drawings of less famous ones are being added, as well as brief biographies of those involved in creating and flying them.
     Still under construction, a lot of dust, but here is your "One Stop Shopping Center" of aeronautical facts and data.
      Included are sections devoted to: Introduction, Board of Advisors, Codes & Abbreviations, ATC's & Group 2 Memos, Civil Registrations, Chronology, Competitions, Features, Powerplants and Alphabetized planes indexed by Manufacturers and type.
     This site has become my first stop when I need to identify a plane and learn about its characteristics.      My personal contacts with K O Ecklund, and Lennart Johnsson, two members of the Board of Advisors, have been cordial and very helpful.
FlightLine OnLine - Wayne Sagar, the editor/webmaster, has provided us with many features, such as Aviation News, Classified Ads, Computer Hardware, Download Zone, Editorial, Flight Simulation, Links, Military Aviation, Model Aviation, Photo Library,and Your Stories. It's easy to spend a lot of time here, enjoying every minute.
Planes of Fame, Air Museum - The Air Museum, Planes of Fame, was one of the first air museums in the United States, thanks to the foresight and dedication of one man, Ed Maloney. The collection spans from early gliders to more modern jets. The planes have been beautifully restored and many fly frequently.
Stalag 13 Aviation Links - This site lists dozens of links, arranged alphabetically. It actively solicits possible new links. It also includes a collection of movie clips for your enjoyment. It is difficult to imagine a more extensive source of links.
@viation - Stephan writes, "Good afternoon and welcome to @aviation." This site is devoted to a multitude of aviation related subjects and is an important resource to the online community. Bookmark this site and visit often, as it will be updated regularly.
UGA Aviation Online Magazine - This magazine features extensive coverage of General Information, Photo Reports, Aviation News, a Database, and Links. There is a wealth of valuable information available right here.