Southern California
Western Avenue at 99th Street, Los Angeles, Calif.
       The great popular interest in aviation which has recently been aroused has only served to emphasize the popularity of the Eaglerock plane with the flying public of Southern California.
     During the month of June the Aero Corporation sold six Eaglerock planes, signed up twenty-eight new students, almost one a day; and earned twelve hundred and forty-three (1,243) passengers, many of whom took long trips to San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Imperial Valley and Yuma, Arizona. This passenger list compares with 475 carried in April and 670 in May.
     The most interesting part of the passenger carrying was to notice how many people insisted that we assure them that they were to fly in Eaglerock planes and no other. Many said that they had read of the Eaglerock in the trade magazines or local newspapers and that was the plane they wanted to fly in.
     In the sales of Eaglerocks it appears that men of the automotive industry are becoming increasingly interested in aviation. One Eaglerock was sold to Arthur Borne, ex-army pilot and now with the Nash automobile agency in L A., and another went to Miller and Waterhouse, Waterhouse being a member of the automotive supply company of Waterhous and Lester, Los Angeles.
     Planes were also sold to Dr. Cole, of Santa Monica, the plane now being under contract to Sid Grauman, sponsor of the Los Angeles-Tokyo flight; to Marion E. McKeen who has taken the Ventura sub-agency for the Eaglerock; to Harry J. Tucker, of Santa Monica, who is now taking flying lessons at our field, and to Capt. C. A. McKenzie, of Colton, a former R. A. F. pilot, who is now at the factory accompanied by the secretary of the Colton Chamber of Commerce who is to fly back to the coast with him.
     Frank C. Schott has taken delivery on an Eaglerock and with Bob Larsen as pilot has started in at Reno, Nevada, as sub-agent for Eaglerocks.
     The tests for a transport pilot's license have been passed at the Aero Corporation by Lieut. Jack Frye, Lieut. Paul Richter, Lee Willy, Lee Flanigan, Walter Hamilton and Ivan R. Olson. Ivan Olson is the latest addition to the Aero Corporation personnel. He is now the fifth pilot instructor, all of whom are on duty at the field every day of the week and have been putting in umtpy hours lately. Mr. Olson, one of the best known flyers in Southern California hails from Wilmington and has sixteen hundred hours without a crash.
The following recently passed the tests for private pilot's license: L. C. P. Shang, Harvey Bolton, Albert Proctor and Fred Hattoom.
     Jack LaTour, a former student, is now in charge of shipping and parts departments. Thomas Cass, George Cerveny and N. W. Spack have recently been added to the shop force. N. W. Spack was formerly mechanic with Miller motors, Los Angeles, Hudson Essex dealers. Leonard Underwood and Harold Potter have been placed on the rigging crew.
     In the Fourth of July Air Races at Ventura and Santa Ana the Eaglerock covered itself with glory. On July 2nd, Lieut. Jack Frye won first in the thirty mile race and second in the dead stick landing, while Paul Richter was 2nd in the race and 3rd in the dead stick landing, both flying Eaglerocks. This was the opening day of the Santa Ana Air meet. The next day Lee Willy and Eaglerock took 2nd in the 30 mile race at Ventura and on the 4th Paul Richter took 2nd in the 30 mile race at Santa Ana, 2nd in balloon strafing while Jack Frye took 1st in the dead stick landing and 3rd in the bombing contest.
     The Aero Corporation mechanics are all primed now to tune up the two Eaglerocks which the company has ordered for entry in the "on-to-Spokane" air race in September and if all goes well the Eaglerock may fly the wings off the other entries.
Sid Grauman's 
       The most novel airplane in the United States today is the Eaglerock recently acquired by Sid Grauman, which he call the "Mandarin." The ship has been painted to represent a huge celestial dragon by George Edward Hall, camouflage expert of the World War. Following its official christening by Mary Pickford, this unique ship has been piloted by Lieut. Garland Courage on a round of the cities of Southern California, carrying Wing Kwong Tse, Oriental lecturer of note, who is giving the inhabitants interesting informaiton about Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
We Need Subdealers and representatives
     "After riding in an OX Eaglerock over 3,000 miles in the recent National Air Tour, I can't refrain from congratulating you on your wonderful ship.
     It's performance was more than could be reasonably expected and the ease with which it was handled was a revelation.
     From the experience with other light commercial ships, I award the Gold Cup to the Eaglerock: -- Myron N, Wilson, Broken Bow, Nebraska.

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