J. Don Alexander
J. Don Alexander - 1927
from The Alexander Aircrafter - August, 1927

from Who's Who in American Aeronautics - 1928
Airplane Manufacturer; born Webster Groves, Mo., Jan. 1, 1885
     Aeronautical Activities: Manufacturer of aircraft.
     Flying Rating: About 200 hours flying time.
     Present Occupation: Pres. Alexander Industries and Alexander Aircraft Co. Address: Alexander Industries Bldg., Denver, Colo.

J. Don Alexander
J. Don Alexander
  My Airminded Friends:
          We have an apology to offer for having to set back delivery dates for those who are in a hurry to take delivery on their Eaglerocks.
          Last year at this time, we were producing one ship a month. We have worked that up to one a day and still at this writing, are forty-one ships behind sales.
          We had hoped that by building right through the winter and having about thirty Eaglerocks on hand for spring delivery, we would be able to satisfy promptly all those who honored us with their orders.
          However, you have my promise that we will increase production capacity as fast as is humanly possible, without sacrificing quality.
          As to quality, it has come to my attention that several builders of light ships are using inferior cotton covering and other types of material to cheapen and lighten their jobs. We have been told that we might as well do the same because they all look about the same. But--they don't all wear the same and we can't take a chance with human life.
          That's why we pay $265 per thousand in car load lots for the finest airplane spruce that can be bought and on top of that, laminate every spar to increase its strength. That's why we buy the best cotton, regardless of price.
  J. Don Alexander  

J. Don Alexander
       This monthly issue of The Alexander Aircrafter was published in 1927 for the benefit of the dealers, customers and friends of the Alexander Aircraft Co., builders of the Alexander Eaglerock, "America's Most Popular Light Commercial Airplane." It consists of 22 pages, covering news of general interest to the aviation community, with special emphasis on the news from their dealers. It is illustrated with numerous photographs, mostly related to their agencies which were scattered throughout the United States. Included is an article about L. H. Scott, (Scotty), Eaglerock dealer for Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He was the grandfather of BJ Sonstein, who kindly provided the copies of this publication for us. To read some selected articles from this issue, just click on the titles below.  
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New Endurance Record
Leave It to Scotty
Southern California And Arizona
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Northern California

     If you search for "J. Don Alexander", using the Google search engine, (11-28-05), you will find about 49 links. One of the most helpful is the following.
Alexander Industries.
Records, 1904-1976.
Collection Number: MSS 0056
Size: 4 c.f.
"ABSTRACT: Alexander Film Company was founded by J. Don and Don M. Alexander in Spokane, Washington in 1919 and moved to Englewood, Colorado in 1923. With the development and manufacture of the Eaglerock airplane, the brothers also founded the Alexander Aircraft Company and the corporate name of Alexander Industries was adopted in 1924. Both the film and airplane companies were included in the corporation. In 1928 the corporation was moved to Colorado Springs after fire destroyed the Englewood plant. The corporation was dissolved in 1932 when the airplane firm filed for bankruptcy, leaving the Alexander Film Company as a single firm incorporated under Delaware corporate laws. The collection contains the correspondence of J. Don Alexander from 1921 to 1945, the bulk of the material falling between 1921 and 1932. Also included within the collection are photographs, magazine articles, clippings, scrapbooks and miscellaneous papers covering a period from 1904 to 1976, and publications and promotional materials related to the Alexander business endeavors during a period from the 1920s to the 1950s.".      As you can see from the abstract above, this collection in the archives of the Pikes Peak Library District contains a wealth of information for the researcher. For a detailed revue of the history of the company and a complete listing of the contents of the collection, you can visit the website by clicking on the title above.

     If you search for "Alexander Eaglerock", using the Google search engine, (11-28-05), you will find about 422 links. Two of the most helpful are the following.
Alexander Eaglerock
     This page on the Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum website offers a beautiful photograph of the plane in their collection. It includes the story of the company which was formed by the Alexander brothers.

Alexander Eaglerock Biplane
      This article by Ronald E. Newberg, Exhibits Manager, Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, which appeared in the Southwest Aviator Magazine, offers a comprehensive history of the company and is illustrated with a closeup photo of the plane. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.


J. DON ALEXANDER (1885-1955)
Courtesy of  Find A Grave

Courtesy of Pete Jones, 9-29-09
     There seems to be a discrepancy of when he died. His tombstone says he died in 1953, while most other quoted sources says he died in 1955. I noticed the Findagrave photo of his tombstone is from 2008 and his family presumably would've put the marker there. Also one spot out of four is still left blank on the tombstone which most likely means his remaining son is still alive. Im not sure but Im just taking a logical guess.

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