New Rochelle, N. Y.
       This morning after Commander Byrd left Roosevelt Field, I took off frm Curtis Field in the Combination Wing Earlerock, equiped with an OX-5 motor. There were a number of other ships in the escort carrying photographers, but my ship was the only one with an OX-5; the others were equipped with C-6's and Hissos. I followed Commander Byrd for about 40 miles, over which distance I lost about half a mile. The only ships that stayed right with him were Fairdhild's Monoplane, equipped with a C-6, a C-6 Oriole with wing radiators and a Sikorsky Oriole equipped with a converted 220 Hisso. There were a
Russel Shults
  number of other ships that tried to stay with the bunch but were soon lost in the distance. Considering the fact that the Eaglerock only had an OX, I certainly think that the ship did very well.
     At an American Legion meet, recently held at Curtis Field, this same ship came in first, with an average of over 100 miles per hour.--Russell G. Shults

Turlock, Calif.
Bob Tarbutton
(Left) Frank Gallison (Right) Lou Foote
     We recently made a trip over Yosemite carrying two passengers and a pilot, makikng a full useful load of 767 lbs. The Eaglerock attained an altitude of 10,200 feet. The distance covered on the trip was 160 miles. Our ship is the first Eaglerock to fly completely over the Yosemite Valley and clearing all of the mountain peaks.
     The passengers, upon return to the Lou Foote Airport in Turlock declared that nothing compares with the beauty of Yosemite seen from an airplane.

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