New Endurance Record
       Breaking records seems to be an Eaglerock pastime. The ship holds the World's Altitude record for light commercial planes and now word has reached us, as we go to press, that Bob Tarbutton has shattered the Endurance Record for this type of plane by remaining in the air nine hours and seventeen minutes with a combination wing, low altitude job. Following a reprint from "The Oklahoma News":  
Bob Tarbutton
     "Bob" Tarbutton, local aviator, broke the national endurance record for the OX-5 type of airplane Thursday when he flew a stock model Eaglerock nine hours and seventeen minutes over Oklahoma City.
     Tarbutton's combination wing Alexander Eaglerock plane roared above the city over an hour longer than he had expected it to.
     During the nine hours and seventeen minutes of the flight, Tarbutton covered a distance of 850 miles, averaging 18 miles per gallon. He used three quarts of oil.
     Never before has an OX-5 stayed in the air that long without extra gasoline tanks, Tarbutton says. His ship is two months old.
     Just before the "gas" gave out, Tarbutton mounted to 4,000 feet over Main Street and Broadway and volplaned six miles to his airport north of the Capitol, where he made a dead-stick" landing.
     Tarbutton demonstrated two things: The economy of flying and the safety of landing even though the motor goes "dead" over a big city.
     Tarbutton's plane carried the regulation tank of 46 gallons of gasoline. He averaged about 90 miles per hour." --(Editorial Note: The newspaper possibly is in error as the cruising speed of the ship in such a test would be much less that that stated.)

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