Leave It to Scotty
By M. PAUL, Secretary Marietta Chamber of Commerce
       L. H. Scott, Eaglerock dealer for Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, recently delivered to the city of Marietta, and the adjacent counties, a noteworthy piece of advertising that will long be remembered by a populus who solidly lined three streets to see a practical demonstration of the trustworthiness of the modern production ship.
     This stunt was sponsored by the Marietta Chamber of Commerce, unlimited cooperation coming from the City Administration, the Mayor, Hon. John W. Gray pledging his official support and giving ample police protection, who cleared the cars from the streets and directed traffic generally.
     Dealer Scott's flying field is located one mile due east of the city on the Ohio River and in solving the problem fo transporting his Earlgerock to the Court
J. Don Alexander
  House Square, a barge, 16 ft. by 60 ft. was procurred. Dealer Scott's able crew of co-workers lashed the ship by block and tackle, letting it slide down over a 20 ft. embankment on to the barge. The current at this particular point of the Ohio River is very swifr, due to the fact that it is on a channel where the main stream is directed. In solving the problem of propulsion, Mr. Scott started the motor on the Eaglerock and using his air rudder for guiding, literally flew the barge down to the entrance of the street, where the stunt was pulled. A crowd assembled on the levee witnessed a very interesting sight in seeing an airplane coming down the river, lasshed to a 60 ft. barge, the latter throwing a volume of white foam as if it were a fast steamship cutting the waves. Hundreds of willing hands lifted the plane form the barge, pushed it up the levee to the Court House Square where it was put in position and made ready for the take-off.
     Previous to this stunt advanced preparation had been made with the manager of the Hippodrome Theatre to have Fox News photographers on hand besides several still cameras. Two movie camera operators were on the job; Joe Neuhart mounted his camera in a speedy automobile and trailed the ship as it took off down the street. Harry Morris, the Fox News photographer, was in the front cockpit and a safety hop was taken down Second Street to get a good picture of the crowd. The ship was then returned to the starting line, the motor efficiently inspected, warmed up and made ready to go.
     Second Street, on which this stunt was pulled, has a width of 60 feet with no overhead wire obstructions less than 400 feet. The wind conditions were normal and not much danger was anticipated due to cross currents or puffy air between the buildings.
     When all was in readiness, Scotty, as he is widely known, gave the signal and everybody stepped back to the curb line; the OX-5 roared and he was off, the Eaglerock taking off in considerably less than 200 feet. As soon as the ship left the street, Scotty pulled her into a steep zoom, circled about, waved his hand to the crowd and roared away toward his airport.

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