John D. Probst, Jr.
Students at the Thomas Aviation School
St. Augustine, Florida.
Seated in the machine, Alfred Pelton, Montreal. Standing, left to right: Dan Probst, Englewood; G. Keck, Montreal; William Carter, Calgary; Allen Wilson, Montreal. Seated, left to right: C. Ray Benedict, instructor; Ted De Kolff, Thomas Shearer and Geo. Smith, Montreal.
from Aerial Age Weekly, March 20, 1910

Thomas Aviation School - 1910
     There are at present fifteen students enrolled at the Thomas Aviation School at St. Augustine, Florida. The climatic conditions have been so favorable that Instructor C. Ray Benedict reports excellent progress in both the land and water branches of the school. The students at present hard at work are: Allen Wilsonk, Montreal; J. H. Morrow, Toronto; Thomas Sheader, Toronto; Alfred Pelton, Montreal; William Carter, Calgary; L. Smith, Toronto; Kirby Whitsett, Kansas City; Ronald Kurstead, Toronto; Dan Probst , Englewood; Geo. Peck, Montreal; Ted D. Koiff, Montreal; Thomas Shearer, Toronto, and George Smith.
from Aerial Age Weekly, March 20, 1910

C. Ray Benedict at Cedar Point, Ohio - 1910
     C. Ray Benedict, flying a Benoist flying boat, has been carrying passengers and making exhibition flights at Cedar Point, Ohio, since the end of June and will continue until the end of September, when he will go to Florida and open up a school for land and water flying. last year Benedict temporarily gave up flying, but this Spring the fascination was so great that he again got into the game. This is his fifth season.
from Aerial Age Weekly, March 20, 1910

C. Ray Benedict Closes Season at Cedar Point - 1915
     C. Ray Benedict, chief aviator for the Lorain (Ohio) Hydro and Aerial Company, has closed the season at Cedar Point where he has been giving daily exhibitions and has returned to the headquarters at Lorain. The homeward trip from Cedar Point was made in the "Lorain," the thirty miles being covered in 26 minutes.
from Aerial Age Weekly, October 4, 1915

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