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Daily Journal and Tribune,
Knoxville, Tennessee: August 17, 1913,,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 7-15-04
"French Aviator Flies Over Alps," Daily Journal and Tribune, Knoxville, Tennessee, July 27, 1913, "Basel. Switzerland, July 26. - Another flight across the Alps was made today by the French aviator, Oscar Bider. He flew from Milan to this city, about 160 miles, in three hours and forty-five minutes. He halted at Liestal to replenish his fuel. The greatest height attained was ten thousand feet."

     If you search for "Oscar Bider +aviation," using the Google search engine, (7-20-04), you will find about 12 links. Most of them are written in French, but a machine tranlation is readly available.

     This article, which is published by AOPA Switzerland, is a gold mine of information regarding the life and career of Oscar, but unfortunately, it is only available in German or French. I find the machine translation to be a bit confusing, but ever so much better than nothing. With some effort and imagination, his story can be read and at least the highlights of his career can be understood. If you read either German or French, you can access the homepage by clicking on the title above. For the convenience of those of us who need an English version, I have copied a machine translated version which I obtained by using the BabelFish program. It can be accessed by clicking on:
English Version

       On the morning of July 7, 1919, he crashed in a Nieuport double-decker in Duebendorf.
From the article "Position Report No. 189
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