Bider: Superstar,
Flight Instructor, Raecher

Oskar Bider was a completely special flier. On 12 July 1891 he came in the basellandschaftlichen Langenbruck to the world. His parents existed on the fact that he "decent" learn something and sent him early into a agricultural school. With 20 Bider went to Argentina, returned however rapidly, because the thought to flies the no more did not release him. His parents had died in the meantime both. He was enriches young man, who saw now the chance to carry out his dreams. Against the advice of his members he went to France. With 21 years he acquired the Pilotenbrevet NR with Louis Blériot. 32. Blériot, otherwise with praise very reservedly, called Bider outstanding talent. None Miracle that he thought Bider capable of already two months after training course beginning to cross the Pyreneeses. Bider flew from Pau to Madrid and returned as a celebrated star to Switzerland. It was a great triumph for him and his sister Leny, which showed enthusiasm for his fliegerei as an only member of the family understanding, even. Between the two existed a mental connection, which should have still fatal effects. Now Bider made hiself alpine crossing to the careful planning of his probably largest adventure. Before him already the Jorge Chávez and his Peruvian compatriot and friend Bielovucic had created. However Chavez had to pay his adventure with the life. The Bider again impressed so much that he swore, Chavez "raechen". On 13 May 1913 was it so far. Thousands of spectators had appeared themselves on the airfield in customs. At 04.30 o'clock they had been torn in the morning by church-bells from the sleep. Fascinated they observed, how Bider took off and finally disappeared their views. In the early morning landed Bider probably-keep in Italy. The young pilot was his plan, a constant airline connection between Berne to create and Milan, a large step more near come. And naturally he was now a world star. his word had weight. Therefore Biders call found to make flies also the military thing the hearing of the policy. National defense from air to operate, was a revolutionary idea. But it was clear rapidly. The confederation therefore material brought a flier troop into being on 1 August 1914 under the direction of Theodor. It was the day of the beginning of war. Material as a military officer in Germany flies had learned. Now he appointed nine pilots in all hurry. Were throughout men, who had the Brevet already in the bag. Now a Air Force had Swiss army, however with a blemish: there were no airplanes. Because of the war Germany did not want to deliver the apparatuses already ordered to Switzerland. Material it felt pilots as disgrace, to have but no machines. Thus konfiszierte the confederation on request Reals short hand of three airplanes, which had been brought by foreign technical designers to Swiss national exhibition. Oskar Bider steered likewise one his Blériots and a further airplane made available Edmond Audemars. The beginning was done. Now he applied to train further pilots. Bider became a first chief flight instructor. In the future he, if he did not along-fly, stood at the airfield and had a temperature with his favorites also. Obviously one could not change a word with Bider, as long as his new generation pilots were in air. Dead-bleach is confessed it at the edge of runway in each case, with the torso whipping he along-pursued and physically had a feeling for each movement of his favorites in air. Only after the safe landing he was accessible again for a discussion. In the morning 7 of July 1919 he fell in Duebendorf on board a Nieuport double-decker. The customer of his death spread in wind hurry. The country-wide confusion and mourning were enormous. his sister Leny did not bear the loss. Bider and his sister were buried under large sympathy of whole Switzerland and also the foreign country in Langenbruck. Over Langenbrucks skies circled to the last greeting all available airplanes of Swiss Air Force.

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