Beachey "Little Looper", 1966
       On the last night of the Early Birds Reunion in Rockton, IL, we were privileged to see moving pictures, accompanied by a verbal description, of flights made by Walter Bullock in the two antique airplanes built by him.
     The copy of Beachey's looper was built in 1968 and fitted with an 80 HP LeRhone engine. It was flown last Spring with surprising results, climbing about 1000 feet per minute and cruising better than 60 miles per hour.
      Walter said, "It is beautifully controllable with no bad characteristics. It throws oil all over everything, which is normal, and is a mess to clean up afterward. I'll have to admit that as a test pilot at age 70, I'm not as sharp as I was thirty years ago, but I'm still able to get it done safely."
From the EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION "CHIRP", January 1970, Number 76

from the EARLY BIRDS OF AVIATION "CHIRP", March, 1987, Number 88

     The Video Tape of Walter Bullock is still available, (11-21-1997), on a single order basis. It is 1/2 hour on VHS, and shows the replica Bleriot which Walt built in Minneapolis. It is now located in the museum at San Diego.
     The tape also shows the replica Lincoln Beachey which was sold, crashed and never rebuilt.
     It also shows the rebuilt Standard which is also in the San Diego museum. All sections are in color, are professionally produced and of good quality.
     On order, I can make up the tape for those who might like to have it. The cost is $20, including shipping and handling.
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