Jeanette Doty Caldwell


     The Soaring Society of America is an organization that developed in 1932 to foster and promote all phases of soaring, both nationally and internationally. Led by Warren E. Eaton, the first informal meeting was held in New York City in the McGraw-Hill building on February 20. The organization was first formed simply to host a national contest every year, but quickly developed a much broader range of purpose.
SSA Exceptional Achievement Award

     This award was established by the SSA Directors in 1964 to recognize individuals and groups whose achievements have been in the opinion of the Directors, of such import as to warrant special recognition for such achievments that don't normally qualify under other established awards. Participants are presented with a suitably engraved certificate at the SSS Annual Award Banquet.
     Recipients of the SSA Exceptional Achievements Awards have been as follows:
1966 George Moffat, Jr.
1968 Mrs. Jean Doty
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Soaring Society of America

  Jean Doty enrolled at the Christofferson Aviation School in Redwood City, California in 1916 and made her first solo flight in November, 1916. After her flying career ended, due to family objections, she married Morris Caldwell and later they moved to Cuernavaca, Mexico. A note from a friend in that city said that her husband died in January, 1971 and Jean passed away in July of that same year.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
January 1973, Number 79

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