1911 - 1920
Curtiss Model D
Curtiss Model D - 1911
Photo Courtesy of Roy Nagl
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Curtiss Model D Unknown Aviator
Harry Atwood in Curtiss Model D (above)
Photo Courtesy of Roy Nagl
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Glenn H. Curtiss
     The first Military Aviation School in the United States opened on North Island January 17, 1911. Instructor, Glenn Curtiss, center. Students, left to right: Lieutenant T. G. Ellyson, Navy; First Lieutenant Paul W. Beck, Army; Second Lieutenant G. E. M. Kelly, Army; Second Lieutenant John C. Walker Jr., Army.
From Jackrabbits to Jets
The History of North Island, San Diego, California
By Elretta Sudsbury

Glenn H. Curtiss
1920 WW1 Builders Plate Glenn CURTISS JN4A
     I was alerted to this unique historical item which is one of many such items which are offered for sale by Mr. McDougall on eBay. In response to my request, he graciously has allowed me to display a photo of the item on this page so it can be enjoyed by the many members of our online community. A description of the item is available at this time, (12-16-05), and I invite you to visit his page and learn more about its history. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
Collection of Michael F. McDougall, 12-15-05
From Michael F. McDougall, 12-16-05
     If you know of any way to find out what became of Jenny #5507 I would appreciate it. I have looked at so many sites for Curtiss that have interesting information, but nothing showing records of individual aircraft; who owned them, RCAF or RAF or other. It would be nice to know that this Jenny was sold to whomever and was destroyed in a crash or just scrapped. Anything to figure out how the builder plate ended up without an aircraft strapped to it
Editor's Note: If you can help Michael solve this puzzle, we would all appreciate it. I will be happy to forward your message to him. Thank you.

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