Coshocton Tribune
Coshockton, Ohio, July 25, 1930
Transcribed by Richard Arthur Norton, 3-22-06

Home Town
to Get Body
of Curtiss

World Famous Air Pioneer to
Be Buried, Friday, at N. Y.
Village, Scene of Triumph


Movement Already on Foot to
Create Permanent Memorial
to Great Motor Genius

I. N. S. Staff Correspondent.
      HAMMONDSPORT, N. Y., July 24.
-----Here, in the picturesque village of Hammondsport, known locally as the "cradle of aviation," Glenn H. Curtiss, world famous aviation pioneer who died unespectedly in a Buffalo hospital, will b buried at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. It was here, at the old race track, on July 4, 1908, that this man of unsurpassed vision electrified the universe by making the first officially-observed airplane flight of one mile in a box-like contraption which he had named the "June Bug."
      It was here that aviation, under the genius of Curtiss, was nurtured and developed, more than any other spot in America. It was here, hard by Lake Keuka in central New York the Curtiss, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and three associates conducted a long series of successful aeronautical esperiments, marked by the building of the first government dirigible balloon, the invention of the first hydro-airplane, the flying boat and the first amphibian.
      The body of Mr. Curtiss was brought here early today from Buffalo where he died suddenly yesterday morning. He had undergone an operation for chronic appendicitis in the Buffalo general hospital two weeks ago and as recently as Monday his condition was regarded as favorable. But yesterday he unexpectedly relapsed into a coma, and death came quickly. And so, late last night, they brought the body back to Hammondsport, his birthplace and summer home. The body was taken to the Curtiss residence.
     Reverend G. P. Summerville, rector of St. James Episcopal church
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Glenn Curtiss
Here is the Curtiss Family Stone with my daughter & granddaughter standing near Contributed by Gretchen Van Gelder Casey, 8-18-10

Glenn Curtiss
Contributed by Gretchen Van Gelder Casey, 8-18-10

Glenn Curtiss
Part of the Curtiss Family Plot
a beautiful memorial
Contributed by Gretchen Van Gelder Casey, 8-18-10

Glenn Curtiss
Contributed by Gretchen Van Gelder Casey, 8-10-10

You will find a nice entry for Glenn on the Find A Grave website. Included on the page is a brief biography, some family links and three photographs. One is of him standing in front of an airplane. The other two are of monuments.

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