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  First test pilots

Gabriel Espanet
     Born in Marseilles on February 14, 1883, Gabriel Espanet, curiously for a pilot tests, initially served as a doctor for several years, 1907 to 1909.
     In August 1909, he assists by chance with flights of Marcel Leyat on sailplane. The superb one stability of this baptized machine "the aeroplanor" and Officials of its pilot allure the Marseilles doctor. Leyat accepts to take Espanet as raises and it the last agrees to give up one year whole surgery for aeronautics.
     Completing its studies at the central School in September 1910, Leyat lets Espanet control its machines. This last is accustomed perfectly with the operation and the piloting of Leyat biplane.
     However, to pass the pilot's licence, Espanet is constrained to attend the school of aviation Nieuport at the end of 1911. Patent out of pocket (n 532), Espanet launches out then in the races of airplanes.
     The race of the circuit of Anjou in 1912 met ahead its competences and its character soaked well. Classified first at the beginning of great price of the Flying-club of France, it must to give up the race on mechanical breakdown.
     It is in the development of the hydro airplanes that Gabriel Espanet shows all heard of its talent of setter with not, in 1912 at Astra and 1913 at Nieuport. This odd discipline, located at limit enters the unhealthy pleasures of the "cassecous " and the development of true applications air (what research Navy) becomes at his place an appreciated speciality of its employers.

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