Wilhelm Heinrich Evers
Wilhelm Heinrich Evers
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Wilhelm Heinrich Evers lives at Grosse Strasse 65, Nieder Elbe, Germany. He first soloed on October 6, 1910 in a monoplane of his own design at Lamstedt N.E. Gernany, and is the holder of F.A.I. license No. 190.
     Mr. Evers kept on flying, designing, and building 6 ships from 25 to 50 horsepower EI to EG, until 1912, each displaying good flying qualities. Late in 1912 he became connected with Tom W. Benoist at St. Louis, Mo. in the Benoist Aircraft Co. doing flying and designing work. On January 1, 1913 he opened the first airline in the world at St. Petersburg, Florida, flying on schedule to and from every train at Tampa with passengers, flowers and fruit. He kept on in aviation until 1945. At that time he was called as an interpreter to the U. S. Military Government at Bernberg, where he was manager of an engineering office of the Junkers airplane concern.
from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, June, 1960, Number 63.

     If you search for "Wilhelm Heinrich Evers", using the Google search engine, (12-19-06), you will find about five links, one of which is very helpful, even though written in German.
Nordwest-deutsche Fleugzeugewerke
     To one who can't read German, me, this appears to be a very comprehensive biography of Wilhelm. It is a pdf file of several pages, the first of which I insert below, with a machine-translation into English:

Wilhelm Heinrich Evers wurde am 13. Januar 1884 in Lamstedt geboren, wo sein Vater eine Schlosserwerkstatt besaß. Gerade eine Klempnerlehre hinter sich ging er dann als 17jähriger nach den USA, um dort bei der jungen Automobilindustrie zu lernen. Dort lernte er Glenn Curtiss kennen und wurde Augenzeuge seiner ersten großen Motorflüge. Als Evers ihm begeistert gratulierte, riet ihm Curtiss: »Laß' die Finger von der Fliegerei, mancher fliegt verdammt schnell in den Himmel!« Doch diese Worte verfehlten ihre Wirkung, denn Evers fuhr zur Frankfurter »ILA«, fasste dort endgültig den Entschluss, selber zu fliegen und kehrte im Mai 1910 nach Lamstedt zurück.

William Heinrich Evers was born on 13 January 1884 in Lamstedt, where his father operated a fitter workshop. Straight plumber teachings behind itself it went then as 17-yearold to the USA, in order to learn there with the recent automobile industry. There he became acquainted with Glenn Curtiss and became eye-witness of its first large powered flights. When Evers it enthusiastically congratulated, Curtiss guessed/advised him: " Leaving the fingers of the Fliegerei, some flies condemned fast to the sky! " But these words missed their effect, because Evers drove to the Frankfurt one" ILA ", seized there finally the resolution to fly and returned in May 1910 to Lamstedt.

     This website appears to be a combination advertisement for a watch company and a rather complete biography of Evers. You can access the entire article by clicking on the title above., If you want to read it in English translation, you can copy each section and paste them into the Google translation program.

Wilhelm Heinrich Evers died in 1960
From The Early Birds of Aviation Roster of Members, 1996
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