Paul L. Ferron

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     Major Paul L. Ferron, born at Philadelphia March 2, 1888, joins the Coast Artillery---that is, after some years of pioneer growth. Then prevails the idea of longer range and he applies for examination in the Aviation Section, Signal Corps and on April 17, 1916, after two years of argument with the Chief Signal Officer, he finds himself on flying status. He solos June 6 in a Martin at the Signal Corps Aviation School, San Diego and later flies for the Aero Club certificate 594, of September 27, 1916.
     In October he is detailed in the Aviation Section and rated a Junior Military Aviator with rank of Captain, this rating then automatically carrying increased rank under the Acts of July 18, 1914 and of June 3, 1916
     On November 11, 1916, he is ordered to the First Aero Squadron on the Mexican Border, the Army's first tactical air unit. By this time Major Foulois, the Original C.O., is in Washington in the Chief's office and Captain Dodd is in command; the R2s had had their day and the squadron is testing the new Standard H2s and H3s with 125 h.p. Hall Scotts. Fellow officers at this time are; Capt. John F. Curry, Lts. Ralph Royce, B. M. Atkinson, John B. Brooks, J. W. Butts, G. E. A. Reinburg, Carl Spatz, M. F. Harmon, J. D. von Holtzendorff, C. W. Russell, G. E. Lovell, H. E. Davidson, Maxwell Kirby, Roy S. Brown, L. G. Heffernan, S. H. Wheeler, J. C. McDonnel. With other officers, Capt. Ferron is on detached service within Mexico during part of his duty with the squadron headquartering at Columbus, N. M.
     In March of 1917 he is ordered to Fort Sam Houston with the 3d, 4th, and 5th Aero Squadrons being organizes; and in October he is assigned to the Air Division in the office of the Chief Signal Officer, Washington.
     He is later with the U. S. Mail Service, 1918-1919 and eventually retires.
     He holds, however, an active transport pilot license 8003 and is a licensed sailplane aviator.
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Paul L. Ferron died in 1956
From The Early Birds of Aviation Roster of Members, 1996

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